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A hyper-local study of vegetation shows that the city’s trees and grass often cancel out all the CO2 released from cars, trucks and buses on summer days.

The Climate School is offering three new research assistant opportunities during the Spring 2023 semester.

Climate School experts help to explain this devastating weather and what it means in the broader conversation of climate change and disaster response.

Climate scientists are still uncertain about a number of phenomena that could affect our future. What are the reasons for this uncertainty?

The clean energy transition depends heavily on lithium, but mining this element is not “clean.” We must not fall into the same traps from which we are trying to free ourselves.

Using sophisticated equipment, David Kohlstedt has recreated the pressure, temperature and chemical conditions in the Earth’s mantle, which humans cannot observe directly. His findings have laid the basis for understanding many of the processes that drive the planet’s dynamics.

Researchers at Columbia Climate School discuss the benefits and challenges of working with carbon from ocean and coastal ecosystems.

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