Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory seeks fundamental knowledge about the origin, evolution, and future of the natural world.


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Earth & Climate Science News

A Harvard astronomer says a meteor came from beyond our solar system. A new study questions whether his data includes a more obvious explanation.

Think global, fight local: In honor of Earth Day, here are some tips to reduce your plastic footprint.

'Once a Glacier' is about a girl who tries to save a glacier—and with it, forge new empathy for our fellow humans and planet.

The first Earth Day in 1970 ignited a movement to stop polluting our planet. Today, we are called to respond to the global climate crisis, with a special Earth Day 2024 focus on reducing plastics. On Earth Day and every day, our scientists are studying our planet and working toward a just and sustainable future. Visit our Earth Day website for ideas, resources, and inspiration.

Lamont researchers are in the field studying the dynamics of the planet on every continent and every ocean. Journalists may join and cover expeditions when possible. Learn more about this essential fieldwork.



Science for the Planet: Sinking Seaweed for Sequestration
Lamont Features Map
Lamont Features Map

Discover the who and where of special places named for Lamonters in our interactive map.

Milestones in Climate Science
Milestones in Climate Science

See our timeline of pioneering Lamont studies underpinning the modern understanding of climate change.

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Since our founding in 1949, Lamont-Doherty has been a leader in the Earth sciences, with many scientific firsts. Learn more about our history.