Polar Climate Ambassadors

Polar Climate Ambassadors Program

A program from youth for youth, that brings together high school/secondary age students interested in learning and communicating about the importance of our polar regions. Designed around the principles of INSPIRE - INFORM - ACTIVATE, we first engage youth through resources that showcase the Arctic and Antarctic, then through a range of tools we explore the climate messages and connections that link us to these incredibly important areas, and finally we support these ambassadors as they create their own resources and assist in locating opportunities to share and inspire others! Interested? Register here!

Summer 2024 In-Person Polar CAP Internships!

We are currently accepting applications for our Summer 2024 in-person high school/community college student Polar Climate Ambassadors Program. Polar CAP will meet July 8th-August 15th M-Th from 10am-3:30pm each day. M-W will be in person at Lamont and Th will be remote. We will also have two Saturday sessions doing outreach together with the public at Piermont Pier, Piermont, NY. Our applications for summer 2024 have closed! Thank you to all who applied and you will hear from us shortly! 

Graphic titled Combating Climate Change: What Can You Do? with 6 action items
What Can You Do?

The Polar Climate Ambassadors are solutions-focused, creating this graphic and this list of what you can do in your life. Keep growing by adding your ideas!

Students working on a puzzle.
Why Teach the Poles?

A presentation on 'Why Teach the Poles?' for educators that covers polar climate science and showcases resources created by our summer interns and teachers!

Illustration of a scientist outdoors wearing a jacket and ski goggles
Polar Literacy Principles

The polar regions are unique spaces that are a critical to controlling  Earth's climate. Through short videos and data activities, you can explore what defines these regions.

Student exploring glacial flow
Polar Education Curriculum Resources

A range of education curriculum resources sorted by resource type, with both teacher tips and student versions.

Sea Level app focusing on the Greenland Ice Sheet
Polar Explorer: Sea Level

What drives changes in sea level? This tool will let you explore this question through an interactive map.

Map from Thwaites Explorer web app
Thwaites Explorer Interactive App
Thwaites Explorer

Explore Thwaites Glacier by selecting a topic and interacting with a map and related data.

Graphic of dangling telephone receivers with the word Connections
The Polar Regions are Key to Earth's Climate

Margie Turrin speaks with Leilani Henry of WKGU about working in the Arctic, the people of Greenland, Antarctica, and Thwaites Glacier (interview starts at 4:00).

Images of scientists with text Antarctica Live Q&As
Antarctica Live

Explore Q&As with Antarctic scientists, games, interactives, web resources, and cool tools!

Illustrations of scientists as superheroes
Scientists Are Superheroes

Scientists are superheroes with unique skills that help them peer into the past to to understand the Earth. Explore each superhero and their backstory.

4 cards from the EcoChains card game deck
The PoLAR Hub

Explore games and resources from the PoLAR Climate Change Education Partnership.

Photos of Adrienne and Beth in Antarctica
Adrienne & Beth's Wild & Crazy Adventures

Join Adrienne and Beth on a wild and crazy adventure to the bottom of the world where they uncover the ghost mountains!

Polar Ambassador Video

Climate Message from the Poles: Changing Sea Ice

GreenDrill Project Finds a Greenland That is Changing Rapidly

Changes in the Arctic are happening very fast!

The GreenDrill Project is exporing when Greenland was last ice free by drilling through the ice to the bedrock below and using cosmogenic nuclide test to determine when the rock was last exposed to the atmosphere. The Polar Climate Ambassadors created a set of vidoes that focused on the scientists working on this project. You can find the videos on our youtube page. Here is a playlist selection to review!

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