Polar Science Education Resources

Polar Science Education Resources: Programs, Activities, and Curriculum Pieces for Educators, Students, and the Public

The polar regions are fascinating and critical areas that provide a vital role in many of Earth’s systems. Through the programs, investigations, activities, and resources provided here, participants can explore the poles as they learn about these incredible spaces, and their important role in Earth’s climate, biologic diversity, and atmospheric and ocean circulation.

Polar Climate Ambassadors team
Polar Climate Ambassadors

A program by youth-for youth for building polar inspiration, information, and activation! In-person summer program and virtual during the school year.

Student exploring glacial flow
Polar Education Curriculum Resources

A range of curricular resources sorted by resource type, with both teacher tips and student versions.

Greenland Surface lakes
Eyes in the Sky Activity

Remote sensing activities that empower students with tools to explore changing polar ice.

Sea Level app focusing on the Greenland Ice Sheet
Polar Explorer: Sea Level

What drives changes in sea level? Explore this interactive map to find out.

Map from Thwaites Explorer
Thwaites Explorer

Explore Thwaites Glacier through this interactive map with embedded data.

Cartoon-like illustrations of scientists as superheroes
Scientists Are Superheroes

Scientists are superheroes with unique skills that help them peer into the past to to understand the Earth. Explore each superhero and their backstory.

4 cards from EcoChains card game
The PoLAR Hub

Explore puzzles, games, and resources from th PoLAR Climate Change Education Partnership.

Ken Hunkins and Theodolite
Arctic Drift Stations

These temporary scientific stations once set on thick blocks of ice circulating in tightly packed sea ice covering the surface of the Arctic Ocean contributed significantly to our understanding of the Arctic.

Photos of 4 scientists with text Antarctica Live Q&As
Antarctica Live

Explore Q&As with Antarctic scientists, games, interactives, web resourcesm and cool tools!

Adrienne and Beth in Antarctica
Adrienne and Beth's Wild & Crazy Adventures

Join Adrienne and Beth on a wild and crazy adventure to the bottom of the world where they uncover the ghost mountains!

Polar Ambassador Video on What We Can Do to Fight Climate Change!

Scientists Advice on What We Can Do to Fight Climate Change

Scientists Are Superheroes

GreenDrill Project Finds a Greenland That is Changing Rapidly

Changes in the Arctic are happening very fast!

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