Visitor Opportunities: Open House

Young Visitor Trying Out a Microscope at Lamont Open House

Whether you’re an aspiring young scientist or a long-time science enthusiast, you’re sure to enjoy Lamont-Doherty’s Open House. One day a year, we welcome the public to our picturesque 189-acre campus. This annual celebration dating back to 1949 features talks by Lamont’s world-renowned experts, opportunities to connect with scientists one-on-one about their latest discoveries, and dozens of hands-on activities for kids and families to learn about how our planet works. 

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Meet the Lamont Scientists

Meet the Lamont Scientists

Lamont scientists study our planet from its deepest interior to the outer reaches of its atmosphere, on every continent and in every ocean, providing a rational basis for the difficult choices facing humanity.

Our 2021 Open House LDEO To-Go Activity Pack debuted a set of collectible trading cards featuring veteran rock stars who laid the foundational knowledge for Earth and environmental science to early-career scientists who are engaged in cutting-edge work today.

Featured scientists include Wally Broecker, Marie Tharp, Taro Takahashi, Robin Bell, Joaquim Goes, Suzanne Carbotte, Róisín Commane, Kevin Uno, and Kailani Acosta.

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