Research Visitors

The appointment of a visitor to the Observatory can be initiated by a request (supporting memo, dates of stay, and CV) to their Associate Director by any member of the research staff for the purpose of engaging in collaborative research. Associate Directors ensure that advance provostial approval is obtained via LDEO-HR before seeking approval of an appointment. Visitors are appointed according to the corresponding rank they hold at their home institute and typically begin at the level of an Associate Research Scientist.

Visitor, Part-time Appointment
Those who will not receive the equivalent of full-time monetary support (according to the current FY salary guidelines for Officers of Research) during their stay may be appointed as a visitor in a part-time capacity. Affirmative Action clearance is not required, however, advance provostial review is required and is sought via LDEO-HR prior to seeking the LDEO Director's approval.

Visitor, Full-time Appointment
Those individuals who will receive Columbia University compensation equivalent to the current FY salary guidelines for Officers of Research (full-time monetary support) are required to seek Affirmative Action clearance in the form of a waiver, which requires submission of a rationale that explains why a full search was not conducted and how the nominee was identified. This appointment requires Associate Director and LDEO Director approval, and in turn carries all rights and benefits afforded to a full-time appointment status.

Visiting Scholar/Scientist (Courtesy Designation Only)
Individuals who will be performing their own independent research are eligible for the designation of visiting scholar or visiting scientist, which are courtesy designations and do not signify a formal association with the University. The individual must hold, at the minimum, a Bachelor's Degree or the foreign equivalent. Completion of an "Application for Visiting Scholar/Scientist Designation" and a J-1 visa application (if the applicant is a foreign national), can be secured through LDEO-HR provided the designation has the support of the AD and the LDEO Director. LDEO-HR will forward the necessary materials to the appropriate University office that will authorize the Visiting Scholar courtesy designation status. Individuals who secure this type of designation may not claim a University affiliation for the purpose of applying for contracts and grants and may not represent themselves in their publications and correspondence as having a University affiliation.