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In the Climate LIVE video series, experts from across the Columbia Climate School discuss topics in climate and sustainability for grade school and university students, educators, parents and the public.

Drilling into sub-ice deposits left behind during times when the Earth was warmer than today should provide insights into how a massive ice sheet will react to human-induced climate change.

A new cataloging system will help better preserve, track and share thousands of tree ring samples from around the globe.

The Fifth National Climate Assessment was released today. The message: change is here, but immediate action can avert the worst impacts.

Botanist and climate scientist Dorothy Peteet has been in the business digging deep into bogs, marshes and fens for more than 40 years, revealing natural and human histories going back thousands of years, and their role in changing climate. A final frontier: the obscure remains of New York City’s once widespread coastal wetlands.

The ability of farmworkers to cultivate major crops including rice and maize may be compromised if climate trends continue.

Columbia Climate School representatives will be attending the global climate summit in Dubai. Here’s what they hope to achieve.

A recent graduate of the Master of Science in Sustainability Science program, Reuben Goh hopes to convey his enthusiasm for the environment to future students.

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