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Current full-time Columbia and Barnard students (undergraduate, graduate, and PhD) are eligible to apply. 

A new study shows that a giant current circling Antarctica has speeded up during past warm periods, eating away at the polar ice. It's doing it again now.

In keeping with the theme of Earth Day 2024, how do we reduce global plastic pollution and ensure a more sustainable future?

'Once a Glacier' is about a girl who tries to save a glacier—and with it, forge new empathy for our fellow humans and planet.

Think global, fight local: In honor of Earth Day, here are some tips to reduce your plastic footprint.

A Harvard astronomer says a meteor came from beyond our solar system. A new study questions whether his data includes a more obvious explanation.

Laundry is the biggest source of microplastic fibers in our waterways. These Columbia researchers are working on a solution.

Each year, we honor Earth Day by sharing some amazing photos celebrating the beauty and magic of our planet from our campuses to the far corners of the world as captured by the Columbia community.

Geologists are combing the New Jersey countryside for signs of earthquakes past and present.

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