Video: Glacier Research on the Juneau Icefield in Alaska

Research by Lamont’s Johnny Kingslake and Elizabeth Case advances understanding of ice sheet dynamics and how our world may change in the coming centuries.

Rebecca Fowler
June 12, 2019

Many of Earth’s ice sheets are melting and contributing to global sea level rise. Jonny Kingslake, a Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory glaciologist, and Elizabeth Case, a Lamont Ph.D. student in glaciology, examine how ice sheets are changing in size, how ice flows, and how increased melt and faster glacier movement might impact the rest of our planet. Their findings advance understanding of ice sheet dynamics and can be used to predict how our world might change in the coming centuries.

In this video, Kingslake and Case discuss their research and July 2018 visit to the Juneau, Alaska ice sheet, where they conducted fieldwork in collaboration with students from the Juneau Icefield Research Program.

This post was first published by the Center for Climate and Life, a research initiative based at Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory.