Peering into Volcanoes: a Talk with Einat Lev

What do the scientists and researchers around the Earth Institute do? In this second in a series, Einat Lev from the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory talks about her work on volcanoes what she’d like people to know about it, and what inspired her to go into the field.

David Funkhouser
March 02, 2017

Einat Lev studies volcanoes—how they erupt, and how rivers of molten rock pushed up from deep in the earth move across the landscape. She has traveled the world from Chile to Hawaii to Iceland, peering into craters and bubbling pools of magma, poking into the bulbous formations of fresh lava flows, and flying drones over vast lava fields. Sometimes volcanoes slowly release their superheated contents, sometimes they erupt with unimaginably violent force. Why is that?

In this second in a series of interviews with Earth Institute experts, Lev tells us what she’s working on, what’s important to know about her research, and what inspired her to go into her field.

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Video by the Columbia News Video Team.