ADA-Accessible and Gender-Inclusive Restrooms

The Lamont Campus has ADA-accessible restrooms as well as one or more gender-inclusive restrooms in each building. Please refer to buidling location details for gender-inclusive restrooms below the map for specific information.

Note that it is Columbia University policy campus-wide that all students, faculty, staff, and visitors should use whichever restroom is most consistent with their gender identity.

Map of ADA-Accessible and Gender-Inclusive Restrooms on Lamont Campus

Building Location Details for Gender-Inclusive Restrooms

Administration - Across from room 208, in the back of the kitchenette

Borehole Research Group - Next to room 201B and next to room 212

Cafeteria - In the hall to the right of the kitchen area.  Also one located in the student lounge

Comer - Across from room 117

Core Lab - Around the corner from room 101 near the side entrance of the building

Geoinformatics - Across from room 150

Geoscience - Next to room 110

Instrument Lab - Across from room 102 in the office suite

Marine & Polar Technology - Across from room 162

Monell - Under the auditorium near the kitchen area and one located across from 217 in the Director's Office

Ocean Bottom Seismology - Next to room 109

Oceanography - Across from Suite 107

Paleomagnetics - Across from room 101E

Seismology - Next to room 107

Tree Ring Lab - Across from room 116, at the back of the large main room