Past Event

Visions of Future: Art & Storytelling to Confront Climate Anxiety

April 7, 2022
6:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Visions of The Future: Using Art and Storytelling to Confront Climate Anxiety [formerly "Climate Doom and Eco-Anxiety"]

This will be a Q&A panel event with four panelists working on climate change and the way it shapes mental health, media, art, and activism. Climate anxiety is the feelings of grief, despair, angst, and doom surrounding the deterioration of the climate. Climate anxiety is on the rise, 2/3rds of young Americans and over half of all Americans are anxious about its effect on their mental health. As young people witness slow action to address climate change, this feeling of anxiety continues to grow. The panelists will delve into how various forms of art and activism can foster hope and engagement as we work through climate anxiety. The audience will learn more about resources and opportunities to address mental health while staying active in pushing for change. This conversation will be hosted over Zoom and will be moderated by Columbia undergraduate student and Columbia Climate Conversations creator, Lauren Ritchie. The event will be open to anyone who RSVPs, not limited to only Columbia students. 

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Adrienne Kenyon