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Sustain What? Visualizing Energy for Social and Climate Impact

February 17, 2023
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

Join longtime climate journalist Andy Revkin of the Columbia Climate School with the team behind a new Boston University project visualizing energy trends and dynamics for climate and sustainability impact and and a representative from, a Canadian firm using visual information to drive energy savings and solar adoption.

Youl'll meet Cutler Cleveland, project founder and director, and Heather Clifford, the chief data scientist.

Dr. Clifford oversees data analysis and visualization procedures and co-leads strategy for the site. She is currently a Data Scientist with the Boston University Institute for Global Sustainability (IGS) and has over six years of experience researching climate change and anthropogenic impacts on the environment.

Dr. Cleveland launched the project in 2022 with a student team. He is a Professor of Earth and Environment and Associate Director of the Institute for Global Sustainability at Boston University, where he is also a Faculty Affiliate at the Center for Antiracist Research.

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