Past Event

Superfoods, Agrobiodiversity & Food Security

March 24, 2022
11:00 AM - 12:30 PM
Online Event


- María Scurrah, Director, Grupo Yanapai
- Stef de Haan, International Potato Center
- José Alvarez, General Director of Biological Diversity, Government of Peru

Superfoods have become a healthy alternative for many in the world. The paradox is that Peru, one of the main producers of these foods, is a country that suffers from malnutrition and other diseases linked to an inadequate diet. The very foods at risk of disappearing are needed more than ever by the Peruvian people.

This event will feature a conversation around the documentary "Hatun Phaqcha, The Healing Land." It portrays the cultural inheritance of Peru to support the conservation of this valuable agrobiodiversity, focusing on its custodians and promoting a more sustainable, healthier diet and lifestyle for the world's population. "This film is a love story to our earth, the women and men who cultivate it, to our crops and to life itself," Ackerman says.

In that framework, the panelists will focus on how superfoods such as potato, quinoa and corn, originally domesticated in Peru, are at risk from climate change, and how action must be taken to protect agrodiversity.

Use this link to see the documentary's trailer and this link to rent it on different platforms.

* Simultaneous English-Spanish interpretation will be available during the event.

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