Past Event

LDEO Earth Science Colloquium with Christopher Jackson

April 8, 2022
3:30 PM - 4:30 PM
Online Event

LDEO Earth Science Colloquium presents:

Deformation above inflating igneous sills in sedimentary basins

with Dr. Christopher Jackson, Chair in Sustainable Geoscience in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences at the University of Manchester. Dr. Jackson works on a range of problems related to basin structure and evolution, focusing on: (i) the tectono-stratigraphic evolution of rift and salt basins: (ii) the processes and products of crustal magmatism; and (iii) the structure and emplacement of submarine landslides, drawing on traditional fieldwork techniques and subsurface (i.e. seismic reflection and borehole) datasets. Elements of this research is applied to: (i) the characterization and mitigation of geohazards; (ii) the locating and production of petroleum resources; and (iii) the sequestration of carbon dioxide in geological rock formations. In addition, Dr, Jackson is a leader in efforts to improve equality, diversity, and inclusivity in Earth Science. Specifically, Dr. Jackson i) works to reduce barrier to participation in undergraduate fieldwork, ii) addresses anti-Black racism in geoscience fieldwork, iii) works to improve the inclusion of LGBTQ+ staff and students in geoscience fieldwork, and iv) speaks often on the racial diversity crisis in geosciences. Lastly, Dr. Jackson is the founder of the popular EarthArXiv preprint hosting service.


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