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Friday Columbia Climate News Review - Forever Chemicals

August 12, 2022
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

Sustain What?

Friday Columbia Climate News Review - Forever Chemicals


On Fridays, join Andy Revkin of the Columbia Climate School’s Initiative on Communication & Sustainability for a brisk review of the week’s hot climate and sustainability news and a look at brewing issues that hide behind sound bites and tweets.

This week one focus will be how to make sense of the risks posed by the group of persistent synthetic PFAS compounds. A much-covered new paper by European researchers has found that they exist in rainwater around the world in levels exceeding the U.S. EPA's new health advisory for drinking water.

Explore the paper here:

You'll meet an author of the paper, Martin Scheringer, a professor of environmental chemistry in ETH Zürich’s Safety and Environmental Technology Group, and Garret Ellison, who covers the environment for Michigan Live and has written extensively on the community end of the PFAS issue.

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