Past Event

Exploring Broader Impacts

November 3, 2022
9:00 AM - 10:00 AM
Online Event

Broader impacts, according to the National Science Foundation (NSF), are the “potential [for your research] to benefit society and contribute to the achievement of desired society outcomes.” But what does this actually mean, and beyond NSF proposals, how might you incorporate these activities into proposals for other federal/state agencies, private foundations, or corporate partners?


In this session, we will briefly introduce the goals of broader impacts, tips and best practices for achieving broader impacts, and provide concrete examples for how this has been achieved, with an emphasis on K-16 partners. Identifying a plan for broader impacts can be intimidating, especially because the guidance is so vague. But if you plan on working in an NSF-funded field, having an understanding of outreach and public engagement will be important for your future research efforts, and this session will help you get started on thinking about and planning out a long-term plan for this type of engagement and how to start building important connections now.


There’s lot of room for creativity for broader impacts, and to get the most out of the session, we encourage you to share any questions you might have in advance or better yet, come to the session with an idea for an upcoming proposal and we will work through this as a case study in a group. Feel free to share any questions/ideas with Cassie Xu ([email protected]) ahead of time

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