Past Event

A Conversation with Max Boykoff and Amy Westervelt

November 1, 2021
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

Sustain What? 

Can Climate-Focused Media Matter? A Conversation with Max Boykoff  and Amy Westervelt


Thriving Online is a series of conversations aiming to make the most of the new communication climate.

On the first full day of the COP-26 climate treaty negotiations in Glasgow, join Andy Revkin of the Columbia Climate School in a conversation on climate, media and society with Amy Westervelt, a pioneering climate journalist bridging podcasts, newsletters and website design in pursuit of clean-energy impact, and Max Boykoff, a University of Colorado, Boulder, professor who has co-launched programs tracking news coverage of climate change and stimulating innovation at the interface between arts and science and is the author of Creative Climate Communications.

We’ll dig in particularly on Max’s Media & Climate Change Observatory and arts-science hub Inside the Greenhouse

Another focus will be “Rigged,” Amy’s fantastic new website on the history of corporate disinformation:

Both Amy and Max have so many initiatives that the best way to keep track is their Twitter feeds:

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