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From Breadbasket to Battleground – Russia’s Attack on Food Security

March 18, 2022
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Sustain What? 

From Breadbasket to Battleground – Russia’s Attack on Food Security


Ukraine and Russia are both keystone exporters of grain. Along with its devastating impact on Ukrainians and geopolitical security, the Russian invasion is poised to have deadly impacts on food flows in many existing hunger hot spots, particularly in Africa and the Middle East.

Join Andy Revkin of the Columbia Climate School in discussion with Oleg Nivievskyi, an expert on agriculture and trade at Kyiv School of Economics; Tobias Heidland of the Kiel Institute, who co-authored a troubling analysis of grain gaps from the war; Maryn McKenna, a Wired journalist covering this risk; and Dennis Dimick, a longtime National Geographic editor with decades of experience covering agricultural sustainability.


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