More Past Interns

Zoe Berg

Zoe Berg, Barnard College

Mentors: Kali McKee, Helga do Rosario Gomes, Joaquim Goes

Response of the Bloom-Forming Noctiluca Scintillans to Rising Atmospheric  CO2 Abstract and Slide

Rachel K. Buzeta

Rachel K. Buzeta, University of Dayton

Mentors: Pratigya J. Polissar, Kevin T. Uno, Samuel R. Phelps, Peter B. de Menocal

Step-Wise Cooling in the High North Atlantic Over the Past 17-Million Years – Abstract and Slide

Eliza Carter

Eliza Carter, Wesleyan University

Mentors: S. Hemming, M. Cai, M. Kaplan, T. Liu, J. Liang

Timescale and Provenance of Pleistocene Sediment from ODP Leg 113 Site 693 –  Abstract and Slide

Elizabeth Stuart Faith

Elizabeth Stuart Faith, Columbia University

Mentors: K. Costa, J. McManus

How Do Foraminiferal Assemblages and 14C Ages Inform Our Understanding of  Bioturbation on the Juan de Fuca Ridge? – Abstract and Slide

Helena Garcia

Helena Garcia, University of Delaware

Mentors: D. Goldberg, A. Slagle

From CO2 to Stone: A Feasibility Study of Deep-Sea Geologic Carbon Storage in the Juan de Fuca Plate – Abstract and Slide

James Gibson

James Gibson, Vassar College

Mentors: Kali McKee, Helga do Rosario Gomes, Joaquim Goes

Are Low Salinity Waters the Remedy to Noctiluca Scintillans Blooms in the Arabian Sea? – Abstract and Slide

Dionne Hutson

Dionne Hutson, City College of New York

Mentors: Dallas Abbott, K.A. Block

To What Extent Are Catastrophic and Environmental Events Useful Stratigraphic Markers for Dating the Hudson River: The Impact of Manganese Cycling, Zebra Mussels, and the Peekskill Meteorite? – Abstract and Slide

Claire Johnston

Claire Johnston, Barnard College

Mentor: Tim Kenna

Grain Size, Backscatter and Metal Concentration in Eastern Long Island Sound – Abstract and Slide

Anna Kaplan

Anna Kaplan, Barnard College

Mentors: Sandra Baptista, Dara Mendeloff

Exploring Changing Infant Mortality Rates in Northeast Brazil from 2000 to 2014 – Abstract and Slide

Sufyan Khalid

Sufyan Khalid, Columbia University

Mentors: Sidney Hemming, Anne Haws, Merry Yue Cai, Margit Simon, Daniel Babin, Steven Goldstein, Allison Franzese

Investigation Into Methods Used to Analyze Sediment Provenance from Southeastern Africa – Abstract and Slide

Madeleine Killough

Madeleine Killough, Barnard College

Mentor: Brian Mailloux

Identifying Carbon Fuel Sources Through RNA Extractions of Microbial Communities in Vietnam Groundwater – Abstract and Slide

Juliette Lamoureux

Juliette Lamoureux, City College of New York

Mentor: William Menke

Low Seismic Attenuation in Southern New England Lithosphere Implies Little Heating by the Upwelling Asthenosphere – Abstract and Slide

Shelly Lim

Shelly Lim, Barnard College

Mentors: M. Pitiranggon, Y. Li, K. McKee, B. Yan, J. I. Goes

Distribution of Micro-Plastics in the Estuarine Waters Around in New York Metropolitan Area and Assessment of Their Role as Potential Vectors of Toxic Compounds  –  Abstract and Slide

Clara Ma

Clara Ma, Yale University

Daniel M. Westervelt, Arlene M. Fiore, Harald E. Rieder, Patrick L. Kinney, Shuxiao Wang, and Gustavo Correa

Impact of Future Emissions and Climate Change on Surface Ozone Over China – Abstract and Slide

Alyssa M. Marrero

Alyssa M. Marrero, CUNY Kingsborough Community College

Mentors:  Dallas Abbott, William Menke

Assessing Whether Northeastern Earthquakes and Warm Springs Are Produced By the Northern Appalachian Anomaly – Abstract and Slide

Leah Marshall

Leah Marshall, College of William & Mary

Mentors: Caroline Leland, Laia Andreu-Hayles, Rose Oelkers, Dallas Abbott, Robert Juhl

Climate Sensitivity of Tree-Ring Width and Blue Intensity of Larix Sibirica and Pinus Sylvestris in Mongolia – Abstract and Slide

Arianna Medina

Arianna Medina, Dominican College

Mentors: Elise M. Myers, Andrew R. Juhl

Comparison of Particle Association of Different Bacteria in Hudson River Estuary – Abstract and Slide

Robert Moon

Robert Moon, Columbia University

Mentor: E. Lev

Using Stereo-photogrammetry to Understand the Topography, Composition, and Evolution of Lava Flows From Effusive Eruption of Quizapu Volcano – Abstract and Slide

Bevan Pearson

Bevan Pearson, University of Pennsylvania

Mentors: Allison M. Franzese, Sidney R. Hemming

Using Provenance of Terrigenous Sediment to Reconstruct the Agulhas Leakage During the Early and Late Pleistocene – Abstract and Slide

Eleanor Pressman

Eleanor Pressman, Columbia University

Mentors: Olivia Clifton, Arlene Fiore

Characterizing Ozone Dry Deposition Variability and Its Role In Eastern U.S. Ozone Pollution – Abstract and Slide

Ailín D.C. Valdivia-McCarthy

Ailín D.C. Valdivia-McCarthy, Barnard College

Mentors: Tammo Reichgelt, William J. D'Andrea, Bethany R.S. Fox

Suborbital-Scale CO2  Reconstructions From the Earliest Miocene Based On Fossil Leaves – Abstract and Slide

Margaret Zimmer

Margaret Zimmer - Columbia University

Mentors: D. Powars, S. L. Goldstein, D. V. Kent, W. Broecker

Chemistry of the Marlboro Clay in Virginia and Implications for the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum – Abstract and Slide

Melody Aleman

Melody Aleman, Millersville University

Mentor: Ajit Subramaniam

Characterizing the phytoplankton community of the South China Sea – Abstract and Slide

Hannah Bausch

Hannah Bausch, University of Chicago

Mentors: Elizabeth Ferriss, Terry Plank

Hydrogen diffusion in olivine phenocrysts from Episode 1 of the 1959 Kilauea Ikieruption –  Abstract and Slide

Lindsay Buff

Lindsay Buff, Hamilton College

Mentors: Dan Rasmuseen, Einat Lev, Terry Plank

Geochemical constraints on volcano morphometry in the Aleutian Island volcanic arc  –  Abstract and Slide

Karina Buhler

Karina Buhler, Barnard College

Mentor: Dorothy Peteet

Using macrofossils to reconstruct paleoenvironmental history of Cedar Swamp, High Point NJ –  Abstract and Slide

Claire Carlson

Claire Carlson, Wheaton College

Mentors: Dallas Abbott, Clara Chang, Karin Edwards

Annual manganese peaks in Hudson River sediment core LWB1-08  –  Abstract and Slide

Vincent Clementi

Vincent Clementi, Rutgers University

Mentor: Laura Hayes, Baerbel Hoenish

Effects of changes in ocean circulation and hydrothermal vent activity on the B/Ca proxy in benthic foraminifera –  Abstract and Slide

Moussa Dia

Moussa Dia, College of William & Mary

Mentors: Elizabeth Ferriss, Terry Plank

Hydrogen (H+) in olivine phenocrysts from the 1974 eruption of Volcan de Fuego  –  Abstract and Slide

Audrey Dunham

Audrey Dunham, Pennsylvania State University

Mentors: Celine Grall, Dhiman Mondal, Michael Steckler

Modeling and analysis of theorized paleo-seismic event along the Burma Arc: Implications for an avulsion of the Meghna River – Abstract and Slide

Arnold Eatmon

Arnold Eatmon, Fort Valley State University

Mentors: Donna Shillington, Natalie Accardo

3D variations in sediment architecture in the central basin of Lake Malawi from the SEGMeNT active source experiment  –  Abstract and Slide

Jamie Feldman

Jamie Feldman, Columbia University

Mentors: Richard Seager, Ming-Fang Ting

The 100th Meridian climate divide and its present and future impacts on the human geography of the American Great Plains –  Abstract and Slide

Ian Hay

Ian Hay, University of Maine Orono

Mentor: Ajit Subramaniam

Bio-optical regions of the southwestern South China Sea  –  Abstract and Slide

Aaron Jones

Aaron Jones, Vassar College

Mentors: Trevor Williams, Sidney Hemming, Steven Boswell

Understanding Himalayan erosion using K/Ar thermochronological dating of silts and clays from the Bengal Fan –  Abstract and Slide

Anuka King

Anuka King, Barnard College

Mentor: Maria Duik-Wasser

Modeling tick-borne diseases  –  Abstract and Slide

Theodore Kuhn

Theodore Kuhn, Yale University

Mentors: Roger Fu, Dennis Kent, Paul Olsen

A magnetostratigraphy for the Upper Tuchengzi and Lower Yixian Formations of North China –  Abstract and Slide

Richard Li

Richard Li, Columbia University

Mentors: Mathieu Levesque, Laia Andreu-Hayles

Assessing climate sensitivity of two eastern U.S. broadleaf tree species using dendrochronology  –  Abstract and Slide

Nathan Lis

Nathan Lis, Pennsylvania State University

Mentors: Richard Seager, Ming-Fang Ting, Park Williams

Whither the 100th meridian: The once and future physical geography of America's arid-humid divide –  Abstract and Slide

Danielle Lopes da Silva

Danielle Lopes da Silva, Missouri University of Science and Technology

Mentor: William Menke

Full wavefield simulations in an anisotropic media applied to the study of the Northern Appalachian anomaly  –  Abstract and Slide

Evelyn Mayo

Evelyn Mayo, Barnard College

Mentor: Frank Nitsche

How has the Long Island sound seafloor changed over time? –  Abstract and Slide

Celia McChesney

Celia McChesney, Texas A&M University

Mentors: Heather Ford, Jerry McManus

Changes in thermocline structure in the eastern equatorial Pacific since the last glacial maximum  –  Abstract and Slide

Nicholas Mehmel

Nicholas Mehmel, Columbia University

Mentors: Kassandra Costa, Jerry McManus

Reconstructing hydrothermal activity on the Juan de Fuca Ridge over the past 25ka –  Abstract and Slide

Anxhela Mile

Anxhela Mile, Boston College

Mentors: Kali McKee, Joachim Goes, Helga Gomes

The rise of the mixotroph Noctilcua scintillans in the Arabian Sea: Disruptive impact on the food web in a warmer world?  –  Abstract and Slide

Joanna Millstein

Joanna Millstein, Dartmouth College

Mentors: Robin Bell, Indrani Das, Winnie Chu

An englacial radar attenuation modeling approach and application to the Ross Ice Shelf, Antarctica –  Abstract and Slide

Carolien Mossel

Carolien Mossel, State University of New York - Geneseo

Mentors: Elise Rumpf, Einat Lev

Lava analog materials interacting with obstacles  –  Abstract and Slide

Kimberly Myers

Kimberly Myers, Barnard College

Mentors: Victor Gutierrez-Velez, Katia Fernandes

A spatial analysis of land cover, climate, and fire relationships in the Colombian Llanos –  Abstract and Slide

Oluwaseyi Olojo

Oluwaseyi Olojo, Barnard College

Mentors: Martin Stute, Francie Schuster

GPS precision and customized georeferenced maps on handheld devices: Educational modules at Blak Rock Forest  –  Abstract and Slide

Evans Onyango

Evans Onyango, University of Houston

Mentors: Donna Shillington, Natalie Accardo

Constraints on faulting and basin architecture in the North basin of Lake Malawi from active-source seismic data –  Abstract and Slide

Allison Pease

Allison Pease, Augustana College

Mentor: Jim Davis

Sea level budget along the east coast of North America  –  Abstract and Slide

Keegan Quigley

Keegan Quigley, Brown University

Mentor: Alberto Malinverno

Updating the geomagnetic polarity time scale with marine magnetic anomalies (Chrons C13-C33, 33-83 Ma): A progress report –  Abstract and Slide

Warren Smith

Warren Smith, Brown University 

Mentors: Celine Grall, Michael Steckler, Chris Sorlien, Leonardo Seeber

Tectonic activity and stratigraphic history over the last 100 - 250ka on the Southern Shelf of the Sea of Marmara, Western North Anatolian Fault, Turkey  –  Abstract and Slide

Fabian Stute

Fabian Stute, Columbia University

Mentors: Jonathan Nicholas, Dorothy Peteet, Alison Hoyt, Rene Dommain, Alex Cobb

Climate, fire, and vegetation control on peat carbon accumulation in Borneo –  Abstract and Slide

Julianne Sweeney

Julianne Sweeney, State University of New York - Geneseo

Mentors: Yael Kiro, Steve Goldstein

Using the 234U/238U Uranium isotope activity ratio as an indicator of the Dead Sea response to Holocene climate  –  Abstract and Slide

Olivia Williamson

Olivia Williamson, Barnard College

Mentors: Gwenn Hennon, Sheean Haley, Sonya Dhryman

Elevated pCO2 alters physiology and gene expression in harmful algal bloom species Heterosigma akashiwo –  Abstract and Slide

Joel Wilner

Joel Wilner, Middlebury College

Mentors: Kristy Tinto, Robin Bell

Distribution of sediments beneath the Ross Ice Shelf, Antarctica, from airborne magnetic data  –  Abstract and Slide

Cynthia Zucker

Cynthia Zucker, Barnard College

Mentor: Arlene Fiore

The role of background ozone levels in contributing to high pollution events in Texas in 2011-2012 –  Abstract and Slide

Georgia M. Bolduc

Georgia M. Bolduc, Bowdoin College

Mentors: Wade McGillis, Diana Hseuh

Bronx River Breathing: An analysis of the effect of pollution on productivity in the Bronx River – Abstract and Slide

Parker Case

Parker Case, Columbia University

Mentors: Allegra LeGrande, Kostas Tsigaridis

The Effect of Stratospheric Water Vapor in Large Volcanic Eruptions on Climate and Atmospheric Composition – Abstract and Slide

Dorthy Fang

Dorthy Fang, Columbia University

Mentor: Andrew Juhl

Effects of Crude Oil on Growth Rate and Variable Fluorescence of Synechococcus sp. Marine Cyanobacteria  – Abstract and Slide

Kayla Farrell

Kayla Farrell, Barnard College

Mentors: Brian Mailloux, Tyler Ellis

Investigating the Uptake of Inorganic Particulate Iron for the Pennate Diatoms Phaedactylum tricornutum and Thalassiosira pseudonana  – Abstract and Slide

Camera Ford

Camera Ford, Brown University Discovery Program

Mentor: Einat Lev

Red Hot: Determining the Physical Properties of Lava Lake Skin  – Abstract and Slide

Karina Galinskaya

Karina Galinskaya, Brooklyn College

Mentors: Dallas Abbot, Gary Mesko

Proposed Impact Lakes in the Russian Heartland  – Abstract and Slide

Vincent Guarnaccia

Vincent Guarnaccia, Columbia University

Mentor: Beizhan Yan

Transport of Oil from the Deepwater Horizon Spill  – Abstract and Slide

Mariana Guzman Marquez

Mariana Guzman Marquez, Bowdoin College

Mentors: Alexandra Bausch, Joachim Goes

Why is green Noctiluca taking over the Arabian Sea? Assessing physiology with respect to N sources  – Abstract and Slide

Thomas Harper

Thomas Harper, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Mentor: Bill Menke

A Sharp Edge of the Cratonic Lithosphere of North America  – Abstract and Slide

Allison Hooks

Allison Hooks, Columbia University 

Mentor: Frank Nitsche

Sea-Level Rise Impacts on Hudson River Marshes  –  Abstract and Slide

Kevin Jackson

Kevin Jackson, Lafayette College

Mentors: Kevin Uno, Pratigya Polissar, Peter de Menocal

Changing Vegetation in Northeast Africa: Plant Wax Carbon Isotope Ratios Indicate Late Miocene Appearance of C4 Grasses  – Abstract and Slide

Christy Jenkins

Christy Jenkins, Columbia University

Mentors: Joachim Goes, Helga Gomes

Phytoplankton Community Structure, Biomass and Photosynthetic Competency Associated with Microscale Features and Frontal Zones of the Gulf Stream  – Abstract and Slide

Omar Mahmood

Omar Mahmood, Columbia University

Mentors: Ryan Abernathy, Lorenzo Polvani

Salinity Changes in the Southern Ocean  –  Abstract and Slide

Kelsey Markey

Kelsey Markey, Columbia University  

Mentors: Cheryl Palm, Stephen Wood

Assessing Nutritional Differences in Household Level Production and Consumption in African Villages  –  Abstract and Slide

Sarah McGrath

Sarah McGrath, College of Wooster

Mentors: Allison Jacobel, Jerry McManus

Geochemical comparison of pink and white Globigerinoides ruber: Investigating habitat niches and their paleoclimatic significance –  Abstract and Slide

Jenny Olson

Jenny Olson, Columbia University

Mentors: Yael Kiro, Steve Goldstein

Dead Sea Water Sources during Periods of Extreme Aridity: Insights from U Isotopes  – Abstract and Slide

Rebekah Packer

Rebekah Packer, Barnard College

Mentors: Dorothy Pateet, Jonathan Nichols

Macrofossils from No Bottom Pond, Nantucket reflect three millennia of changing land use and depositional environment  – Abstract and Slide

Judy Pu

Judy Pu, MIT

Mentors: Bess Koffman, Cristina Recasens, Mike Kaplan, Sidney Hemming

K/Ar geochronology as a tool for tracing dust provenance in the Southern Hemisphere  – Abstract and Slide

Briana Ramirez

Briana Ramirez, St. Mary's University

Mentor: Heather Ford

Investigating Changes in North Pacific Intermediate Water During the Last 4 Million Years  – Abstract and Slide

Sarah Raney

Sarah Raney, Eckerd College

Mentor: Kim Popendorf

Where’s the P in Plankton? Phosphorus allocation to DNA across different picoplankton of the Sargasso Sea – Abstract and Slide

Danielle Schimmenti

Danielle Schimmenti, University of Miami

Mentors: Jerry McManus, Adi Torfstein

Geochemistry of Marine Particulates Before Deep Sea Burial: What is the fate of 231Pa and 230Th in the Gulf of Eilat/Aqaba, Red Sea?  – Abstract and Slide

Peter Skryzalin

Peter Skryzalin, Rutgers New Brunswick

Mentor: Bill Menke

The Seismically Slow Feature in the Asthenosphere Beneath Southern New England is Small and Intense  – Abstract and Slide

Jason Swann

Jason Swann, Columbia University

Mentors: Sam Phelps, Pratigya Polissar

Has atmospheric CO2 decreased over the last 11 million years?  – Abstract and Slide

Imari Walker Karega

Imari Walker Karega, University of California Berkeley

Mentors: William D'Andrea, Andrew Juhl

Interrogating a paleothermometer: Understanding alkenone production by algae as a function of light and temperature – Abstract and Slide

Anna Weiss

Anna Weiss, Oberlin College

Mentors: Jonathan Nichols, Dorothy Peteet

Can New Zealand Peatlands Reveal Shifts in Southern Hemisphere Westerly Winds? – Abstract and Slide

Jack Wilding

Jack Wilding, Columbia University

Mentor: Won-Young Kim

High-resolution seismic tomography in the northeast United States using Transportable Array data  – Abstract and Slide

Tomer Burg

Tomer Burg, SUNY Albany           

Mentors: Albert Boulanger, Roger Anderson  

Impact of Localized Weather Forecasts on Building Electricity Usage Predictions Abstract and Slide

Aaron Campeas

Aaron Campeas, Pennsylvania State University          

Mentors: Allegra LeGrande, Kostas Tsigaridis           

Effect of a volcanic eruption plume height on aerosol formation and distribution based on aerosol microphysics calculations – Abstract and Slide

Eun Sik Cho

Eun Sik Cho, Columbia College    

Mentors: Steve Chillrud, Darby Jack, Patrick Kinney

Testing Potential Inhaled Dose as a New Exposure Metric – Step 1: Comparing Different Methods of Measuring Minute Ventilation – Abstract and Slide

Ryan Creedon

Ryan Creedon, Pennsylvania State University   

Mentors: Jason Smerdon, Richard Seager, Park Williams, Benjamin Cook           

Interpretations of 20th Century Patterns in Tree-Ring Reconstruction of European Hydroclimate   Abstract and Slide

Robert Domeyko

Robert Domeyko, Northern Virginia Community College       

Mentors: Peter deMenocal, Kat Allen   

Influence of Past Changes in Atmospheric CO2 on Boron/Calcium of Planktic Fossil Foraminifera   Abstract and Slide

Casey Dorn

Casey Dorn, Pennsylvania State University   

Mentors: Roger N. Anderson, Albert Boulanger, Leon Wu    

Meteorological Teleconnections May Influence the Predictability of Electrical Feeder-Failure Models   Abstract and Slide

Meredith Fish

Meredith Fish, Pennsylvania State University    

Mentors: Benjamin Cook, Jason Smerdon, Richard Seager, Park Williams

Characterizing Climate Controls on Vegetation in the North American Southwest   Abstract and Slide

Laura Fitch

Laura Fitch, Barnard College        

Mentors: Jonathan Hickman, Cheryl Palm, Willy Diu, Gerson Nyadi, Bocary Kaya, Serigne Kandji, Abhraham Kebede       

Quantifying Seasonal NOx flux in the Sahel   Abstract and Slide

Stephanie Goldstein

Stephanie Goldstein, Barnard College   

Mentors: Park Williams, Richard Seager, Jason Smerdon, Ben Cook         

The Mountain Pine Beetle, Warming, and the Threatened American Forest   Abstract and Slide

Ana Gonzalez

Ana Gonzalez, Columbia College  

Mentors: Laia Andreu-Hayles, Neil Pederson  

Using Multiple Proxies to Explore the Tree Ring Divergence Problem at the Firth River in Alaska Abstract and Slide

Austin Hart

Austin Hart, St. Lawrence University

Mentors: William D'Andrea, Nicolas Balascio  

A 2700-yr alkenone-based temperature record from Amsterdamøya, Svalbard Abstract and Slide

Laura Laderman

Laura Laderman, Swarthmore College

Mentors: Colin Stark, Timothy Creyts   

3D Mapping of Glacially Eroded Bedrock Abstract and Slide

Tianjia Liu

Tianjia Liu, Columbia College        

Mentors: Jonathan Nichols, Dorothy Peteet    

Leaf Wax n-Alkane Distributions and Stable Isotope Ratios, Paleovegetation, and Dust Flux to Reconstruct North Pacific Climate During the Late Holocene Abstract and Slide

Michele Markowitz

Michele Markowitz, City College of San Francisco    

Mentors: Diana Hseuh, Wade McGillis  

Carbon Speciation and Anthropogenic Influences in Haitian Rivers and Inland Waters   Abstract and Slide

Abigail Martens

Abigail Martens, Illinois State University

Mentors: Vic DiVenere, Sidney Hemming        

Tracking Calderas of the Yellowstone-Snake River Plain Volcanics: Paleomagnetic and 40Ar/39Ar Dating Results From the Picabo Volcanic Field – Abstract and Slide

 Trevor Neitz

Trevor Neitz, University of Maine at Farmington   

Mentors: Bill Menke, Vadim Levin          

Evidence of the Appalachian Front in the Lithospheric Mantle   Abstract and Slide

Daniel Nothaft

Daniel Nothaft, Columbia College

Mentors: Tobias Koffman, Joerg Schaefer, Nicolás Young   

The Svalbard Barents Sea Ice Sheet deglaciation and its contribution to meltwater pulse 1a  Abstract and Slide

Julia Paine

Julia Paine, University of Miami

Mentors: Wade McGillis, Diana Hseuh  

Carbon Transport in Small Mountainous Rivers in Southwest Haiti Abstract and Slide

Jennifer Pensky

Jennifer Pensky, Barnard College            

Mentors: Pratigya Polissar, Kevin Uno, Samuel Phelps         

Did Hydrological Change Drive the Expansion of C4 Grasslands in India during the Late Miocene?  Abstract and Slide

Melissa Seto

Melissa Seto, Columbia College

Mentors: Arlene Fiori, Lee Murray, Lukas Valin, Olivia Clifton, Jean Guo

High ground-level ozone event in Eastern U.S. during June 2007: meteorology and source attribution   Abstract and Slide

William Skorski

William Skorski, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute      

Mentors: Dallas Abbott, Cristina Recasens     

Diatoms as Proxies for Abrupt Events in the Hudson River Estuary   Abstract and Slide

Olivia Woldemikael

Olivia Woldemikael, Columbia College   

Mentors: Cheryl Palm, Clare Sullivan, Kevin Tschirhart        

The Complex Drivers of Yield Variability for Maize in East Africa   Abstract and Slide

Elizabeth Adkins

Elizabeth Adkins, Barnard College

Mentors: Krista McGuire, Angela Yin Yee Kong

The Impact on Bacterial Diversity and Abundance of Varied Nitrogen Treatments in a Rooftop Farming System – Abstract and Slide

Rachel Arkebauer

Rachel Arkebauer, Columbia College

Mentors: Kevin Griffin, Angelica Patterson

Respiratory responses to changes in temperature in broadleaf trees found in the northeastern US – Abstract and Slide

Tristan Ballard

Tristan Ballard, Duke University

Mentors:  Richard Seager, Mingfang Ting, Yochanan Kushnir

Hydroclimate Variability in the Duck Factory of North America – Abstract and Slide

Philip Boody

Philip Boody, University of Maine at Presque Isle

Mentor: Bill Menke

Seismic Structural Differences across the Norumbega Fault, Maine - Abstract and Slide

Autumn Bordner

Autumn Bordner, Columbia University

Mentor: Steve Chillrud

Analysis of Personal Exposure Assessment Techniques for Use in Ghana Intervention – Abstract and Slide

Therese Chen

Therese Chen, Barnard College

Mentors: Joaquim Goes, Helga do Rosario Gomes

The Effects of CO2 on Phytoplankton Community Structure in the Amazon River Plume – Abstract and Slide

Ariel Fan

Ariel Fan, Barnard College

Mentors: Albert Boulanger, Roger Anderson

Analyzing Weather Observation History to Improve Building Energy Demand Predictions – Abstract and Slide

Caitlin Fedio

Caitlin Fedio, Columbia Engineering

Mentors: Dorothy Peteet, Jonathan Nichols

Unlocking Arctic Mechanisms of Carbon Storage through Physical and Chemical Sediment Analysis – Abstract and Slide

Marina Gemma

Marina Gemma, Columbia College

Mentors: Jonathan Nichols, Dorothy Peteet

Reconstructing Climate and Vegetation to Understand Carbon Storage in Arctic Siberia – Abstract and Slide

Sarah George, Wellesley College

Mentors: Nicholas Christie-Blick, Sidney Hemming

Tilting of the Dublin Hills, Death Valley Area, California:  Implications for Mechanisms of Crustal Extension  – Abstract and Slide


Mariel Herzog

Mariel Herzog, University of Colorado - Boulder

Mentor: Allegra Legrande

Climate Expressions in Cellulose Isotopologues Over the Southeast Asian Monsoon Domain – Abstract and Slide

Gwendolyn Hicks

Gwendolyn Hicks, Columbia College

Mentor: Steve Chillrud

Evaluation of the Accuracy of a Small Particle Exposure Meter – Slide

Andrea Jaegge

Andrea Jaegge, The University of Alabama

Mentors: Beth Stauffer, Joachim Goes, Andrew Juhl

Spatial Variability of Phytoplankton in the Hudson River – Abstract and Slide

Reid Jenkins

 Reid Jenkins, Columbia College

Mentors: Albert Boulanger, Roger Anderson

Analyzing Weather Observation History to Improve Building Energy Demand Predictions – Abstract and Slide

Emma Kahle

Emma Kahle, Columbia College

Mentors: Kevin Uno, Pratigya Polissar, Peter deMenocal

Preservation of terrestrial plant biomarkers from Nachukui Formation sediments and their viability for stable isotope analysis – Abstract and Slide

Adam Koling

Adam Koling, Columbia College

Mentor: Krista McGuire

New York Green Infrastructure: Microbial Composition in Urban Soils – Abstract and Slide

Claudia Mack

Claudia Mack, Barnard College

Mentors: Brad Lindley, Amelie Dassie

Exploring Coral Skeletal delta 18O as a Tracer of Past Tropical Cyclone Thermal Wakes – Abstract and Slide

Ernesto Martinez

Ernesto Martinez, Columbia College

Mentor: Alberto Malinverno

How Fast do Microbes Consume Organic Matter in Marine Sediments? – Abstract and Slide

Mary McElroy

Mary McElroy, Barnard College

Mentors: Frank Nitsche, Tim Kenna

High-resolution 2-D CHIRP sub-bottom study reveals buried paleo-channels in Long Island Sound – Abstract and Slide

Wangari Mungai

Wangari Mungai, Columbia College

Mentors: Jonathan Hickman, Clare Sullivan

Assessing the relationship between N application and N2O emissions in Sub-Saharan Africa: Towards a meta-analysis – Abstract and Slide

Christina Palomo

Christina Palomo, Northwestern State University

Mentors: Beizhan Yan, Masha Pitiranggon

GOM Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill: A Time Series Analysis of Variations in Spilled Hydrocarbons – Abstract and Slide

Jordan Pardo

Jordan Pardo, Columbia Engineering

Mentor: Bill Smethie

How Old is Old? Tracking Transit Times of the North Atlantic Ocean Using Sulfur Hexafluoride – Abstract and Slide

Nishaila Porter

Nishaila Porter, Wesleyan University

Mentors: Dallas Abbott, Trevor Williams

What Can the Fossil Assemblage Tell Us About Our North Sea Sediments? –  Abstract and Slide

Rose Ramirez

Rose Ramirez, Columbia College - General Studies

Mentors: Susanne Straub, Louise Bolge

When Earth Erupts: The Formation of Continental Crust in the Central Mexican Volcanic Belt (MVB) – Abstract and Slide

Rachel Silvern

Rachel Silvern, Barnard College

Mentors: Brian Mailloux, Benjamin Bostick

High arsenic groundwater is associated with solid phase arsenate reduction in Bangladesh – Abstract and Slide

Roop Singh

Roop Singh, Cornell University

Mentors: Richard Seager, Mingfang Ting and Yochanan Kushnir

Climate Variability and the March of the Monarchs  – Abstract and Slide

Maggie Sochko

Maggie Sochko, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Mentors: Susanne Straub, Louise Bolge

Unlocking the Mysteries of the Mantle: High Silica Rocks from the Central Mexican Volcanic Belt and What They Tell us About the Formation of Continental Crust – Abstract and Slide

Jonathan Stelling

Jonathan Stelling, Ramapo College of New Jersey

Mentors: Dallas Abbott, Mark Anders

Foraminifera of the Hudson River Estuary :Interpretations of Paleoenvironment and Catastrophic Events – Abstract and Slide

Matthew Vaughan

Matthew Vaughan, Case Western Reserve University

Mentors: Ben Holtzman, Heather Savage

What On Earth Was That?! Listening to the Sounds of Earthquakes – Abstract and Slide

Erika Zocher

Erika Zocher, Northland College

Mentors: Frank Nitsche, Tim Kenna

Metals in the mud: Changes in surface sediment contamination in Long Island Sound – Abstract and Slide

Nadya Ali

Nadya Ali, Barnard College

Mentor: Brian Mailloux 

Sulfide Concentration and its Effect on Arsenic Speciation in Groundwater – Abstract and Slide

Tal Anderman

Tal Anderman, Columbia College

Mentor: Roseline Remans 

Assessing Tradeoffs for Human Wellbeing and Agro-diversity of Smallholder Cash Crop Production – Abstract and Slide

Daniel Berman

Daniel Berman, Cornell University

Mentors: Bill Ryan, Frank Nitsche, Tim Kenna 

Water Matters: Elemental Abundances in Sediment Cores Need to be Corrected for Porosity – Abstract and Slide

Robert Colgan

Robert Colgan, Columbia College

Mentor: Tim Crone 

Developing an Apparatus to Study On-Demand Turbulent Bouyant Jets in the Lab - Abstract and Slide

Sara Donatich

Sara Donatich, Barnard College

Mentor: William D'Andrea 

Early Miocene Climate: Investigating the relationships between Earth's orbital cycles and New Zealands's climate in the early Miocene – Abstract and Slide

Amanda Duchesne

Amanda Duchesne, Dartmouth College

Mentors: Trevor Williams, Sidney Hemming, Joel Gombiner

K/Ar Dating of Fine Grained Sediments Near Prydz Bay, Antarctica:East Antarctic Ice Sheet Behavior During the Middle-Miocene Climate Transition – Abstract and Slide

Peter Ferencevych

Peter Ferencevych, Ramapo College

Mentor: Tim Crone 

Video Image Analysis of Turbulent Buoyant Jet Plumes Using Lab Simulations – Abstract and Slide

Nick Gogan

Nick Gogan, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Mentors: Dallas Abbott, Baerbel Hoenisch 

Were the Density Offsets in Hudson River Sediment Cores Caused by Tsunami, Storm Surge, or River Flood? – Abstract and Slide

Liora Hostyk

Liora Hostyk, Barnard College

Mentors: Kevin Anchukaitis, Richard Seager, Ben Cook 

Late Victorian Holocaust: paleoclimate detection and attribution study of the 1876-78 megadrought – Abstract and Slide

Daniel Johnson

Daniel Johnson, Washington University in St. Louis

Mentors: Sidney Hemming, Trevor Williams, Joel Gombiner

Argon Concentrations of Fine-Grained Marine Sediments near Wilkes Land, Antarctica: Source Characterization and Implications for Ice Sheet Behavior during the Middle Miocene – Abstract and Slide

Sara Lavenhar

Sara Lavenhar, Columbia College

Mentor: Krista McGuire 

Assessing Ammonia-Oxidizing and Denitrifying Bacterial Abundance in Urban Rooftop Farming Systems receiving varied Fertilizer Amendments – Abstract and Slide

Robert Marter Jr.

Robert Marter Jr.,  Millersville University

Mentor: Xiaojun Yuan 

SAM Global Telecommunication at Multidecadal Time Scales – Abstract and Slide

Elizabeth Matamoros

Elizabeth Matamoros, Harvard University

Mentors: Frank Nitsche, Tim Kenna 

Color Tells a Story: Evidence of Megafloods into the Black Sea when the Alpine/Eurasian Ice Sheets Collapsed – Abstract and Slide

Jessie Mathews

Jessie Mathews, Boston University

Mentor: Brad Linsley 

Reconstructing the past: How coral Sr/Ca and oxygen isotopes can be used to reconstruct past sea surface temperature and salinity in the Makassar Strait, Indonesia – Abstract and Slide

Claire Mathieson

Claire Mathieson, Barnard College

Mentors: Michael Kaplan, Gisela Winckler 

Cosmogenic Dating of Moraines in the Transantarctic Mountains – Abstract and Slide

Caitlin Meadows

Caitlin Meadows, University of Michigan

Mentor: Tim Creyts 

An experimental look at subglacial water drainage – Abstract and Slide

Souha Ouni

Souha Ouni, Barnard College

Mentors: Jonathan Nichols, Dorothy Peteet 

How does carbon storage in Imnavait peatland, Arctic, AK shift with vegetational and climate change? – Abstract and Slide

Frank Pavia

Frank Pavia, Columbia College

Mentors: Dorothy Peteet, Jonathan Nichols 

Reconstructing paleoclimate and carbon storage of Alaskan Peatlands during the Holocene – Abstract and Slide

Samuel Phelps

Samuel Phelps, Brown University

Mentor: Pratigya Polissar 

Did Cooling of Subthermocline Waters Help Establish Modern Upwelling Regions? Evidence from ODP Site 716 in the Indian Ocean – Abstract and Slide

Molleigh Preefer

Molleigh Preefer, Columbia College

Mentor: Pratigya Polissar 

Delta D Precipitation Record from Laguna Blanca, Venezuela over the past 11,000 Years: Not So Black and White – Abstract and Slide

Alan Seltzer

Alan Seltzer, Columbia College

Mentors: Qiang Yang, Dave Goldberg 

Assessing the Accuracy of the NUTMON Model on Agricultural Nitrogen Balances in Sub-Saharan Africa – Abstract and Slide

Kerri Sidebottom

Kerri Sidebottom, Columbia College

Mentors: Clare Sullivan, Jonathan Hickman 

Paleohydrography south of Africa:How did the position of the Subtropical Front (STF) change and what is its role in regulating Agulhas Leakage since the Last Glacial Maximum? – Abstract and Slide

Alexandra Skrivanek

Alexandra Skrivanek, University of Michigan

Mentor: Allison Franzese 

Chemical composition of core samples from Newark Basin, a potential carbon sequestration site – Abstract and Slide

Philipp Stoelting

Philipp Stoelting, Columbia Engineering

Mentors: Cantwell Carson, Ah-Hyung (Alissa) Park, Martin Stute 

Carbon Dioxide Accounting-Sulfur Hexafluoride-Tagging of Supercritial CO2 to demonstrate Viability of 14CO2-Tagging for Carbon Sequestration – Abstract and Slide

Jaclyn Testani

Jaclyn Testani, Columbia College

Mentors: Neil Pederson, Dario Martin 

Do temperate deciduous forests experience synchronous disturbances? – Abstract and Slide

Marissa Wright

Marissa Wright, University of South Carolina

Mentors: Sidney Hemming, Dave Barbeau

Characterizing Cretaceous Glaciation Events: K-Ar Ages of Southern Ocean Sediments – Abstract and Slide

Catherine Yeh

Catherine Yeh, Hofstra University

Mentors: Trevor Williams, Dallas Abbott 

What is the Age and Origin of the Spherule Bearing Layer in some Ross Sea Cores? – Abstract and Slide

Aleq Abdullah

Aleq Abdullah, Barnard College

Mentors: Prof. Brian Mailloux and Dr. Gregory O'Mullan  

Tracing the Carbon Sources for Arsenic-Producing Bacteria in Bangladesh – Abstract and Slide

Alexander Adler

Alexander Adler, Columbia College

Mentors: Prof. Mark Anders and John Templeton 

Structural and Thermochronological Analysis of the Tule Springs Detachment – Slide

Siobhan M. Campbell

Siobhan M. Campbell, Columbia College

Mentors: Prof. Goran Ekstrom  and  Ashley Shuler 

Digitization of an Earthquake Swarm: Fernandina Caldera Collapse – Abstract and Slide

Abigail Caparros-Janto

Abigail Caparros-Janto, Barnard College

Mentors: Prof. Paul Olsen  and  Dr. Dallas Abbott 

Incongruous Materials in a High Magnetic Susceptibility Layer from the Gulf of Carpentaria - Slide

Julia G. Cluceru

Julia G. Cluceru, University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill

Mentor: Dr. Abel Guihou 

Piecing Together Ocean Circulation Changes: How the AMOC Changed from MIS6 to MIS5e – Abstract and Slide

Cailin C. Dieck

Cailin C. Dieck, Columbia College

Mentor: Dr. Heather Savage 

Exploring ‘Slow Earthquakes’ in Laboratory Experiments – Abstract and Slide

Sarah Gilly

Sarah Gilly, Barnard College

Mentor: Dr. Terryanne Maenza-Gmelch 

Habitat Based Bird Monitoring in Black Rock Forest, Cornwall, NY: Long-Term Trends and Seasonal Inventories – Abstract and Slide

Irene Jacqz

Irene Jacqz, Columbia Engineering

Mentors: Dr. Benjamin Orlove and Dr. Simon Mason 

Betting on Rainfall: Finding Skill, Hedging, and Bias Within Seasonal Climate Forecasts in Sub-Saharan Africa – Abstract and Slide

Christine Liu

Christine Liu, Columbia Engineering

Mentors: Prof. Pratigya Polissar 

Can We Analyze the Organic Molecules Extracted from Lake Sediments to Decipher Past Climate Patterns in Order to Understand Future Climate Changes? A Case Study of Lago Junin, Peru – Abstract and Slide

Natalia T. Martinez

Natalia T. Martinez, Columbia College

Mentors: Prof. Andrew Juhl and Dr. Gregory O'Mullan  

A Swimmable Hudson River? Persistence of Sewage Indicator Bacteria in Hudson Sediments – Abstract and Slide

Benjamin L. Mayersohn

Benjamin L. Mayersohn, Columbia College

Mentor: Prof. Yochanan Kushnir 

What are the Meteorological Causes of Extreme Floods in the Northeast? – Abstract and Slide

Rebecca H. Miller

Rebecca H. Miller, Yale University

Mentors: Prof. Joaquim Goes  and  Dr. Helga Gomes 

Recognizing Green Noctiluca miliaris Blooms in the Arabian Sea Using NASA Satellite Images – Abstract and Slide

Leah I. Moelling

Leah I. Moelling, University of Utah

Mentors: Prof. Jerry McManus  and  Dr. Zohra Mokeddem 

New Evidence of Millennial-Scale Climate Variability During the Peak Warm Interval of Marine Isotope State (MIS) 9 – Abstract and Slide

Kyle M. Monahan

Kyle M. Monahan, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Mentors: Prof. Baerbel Hoenisch  and  Dr. Dallas Abbott 

Transport Mechanisms of Tropical Foraminifera in the Hudson River Estuary System – Abstract and Slide

Emily A. Motz

Emily A. Motz, SUNY Maritime College

Mentors: Prof. William Smethie Jr. ,  Prof. Peter Schlosser, and  Ronnie Friedrich 

Freshwater Variability in the Artic: Tracing Freshwater Sources and Quantities – Abstract and Slide

Todd A. Nelson

Todd A. Nelson, Columbia College

Mentors: Prof. Steven Chillrud , Prof. Timothy Kenna , Prof. Beizhan Yan , and Prof. Suzanne Carbotte 

New Jersey Wastewater Infrastructure, Industrial Development, and New York Harbor Geochemistry: Early and Mid 20th Century – Abstract and Slide

Joshua (Nate) N. O'Flaherty

Joshua (Nate) N. O'Flaherty, University of Louisville

Mentors: Prof. Mikhail Kogan 

The Bering Plate from Elastic Block Modeling of GPS Data – Abstract and Slide

Benjamin J. Purinton

Benjamin J. Purinton, Wesleyan University

Mentors: Prof. Gisela Winckler  and  Dr. David McGee 

North African Response to Climate Change Over the Past 20ka: Comparing Methods of Grain-Size Analysis at Continental Margins – Abstract and Slide

Laura E. Rodriguez

Laura E. Rodriguez, Rice University

Mentors: Prof. Mark Anders  and  Dr. Dallas Abbott 

Distal Impact Ejecta from the Gulf of Carpenteria: Have We Found Cometary Fragments as Part of the Ejecta Suite? – Abstract and Slide

Rachel E. Sheppard

Rachel E. Sheppard, Columbia College

Mentors: Dr. Heather Savage and Prof. Pratigya Polissar 

How Hot do Faults Get When They Slip During an Earthquake, and Does the Thermal Maturity of Organic Material in the Surrounding Rocks Record this Temperature? – Abstract and Slide

Irene Shulman

Irene Shulman, Columbia College

Mentors: Dr. Sean Smukler and Dr. Clare Sullivan 

Understory Plant Diversity Changes in Sauri, Kenya from 2006 to 2011 – Abstract and Slide

Louis C. Smith

Louis C. Smith, Columbia College

Mentor: Prof. Benjamin Bostick 

Iron Sources for Marine Phytoplankton Growth – Abstract and Slide

David M. Solomon

David M. Solomon, Columbia College

Mentors: Albert Boulanger, Dr. David Waltz , and Dr. Roger Anderson 

Forecasting Energy Demand in Large Commercial Buildings – Abstract and Slide

Emily A. Sorensen

Emily A. Sorensen, Barnard College

Mentors: Dr. Jonathan Hickman , Dr. Sean Smukler , and Dr. Clare Sullivan 

From the Field to the Community: Estimating N Gas Emissions on a Village Scale – Abstract and Slide

Divya S. Subramanian

Divya S. Subramanian, Barnard College

Mentors: Dr. Slywia Trzaska and Dr. Susana Adamo 

Recent Patterns of Meningococcal Meningitis Risk in Sub-Saharan Africa – Abstract and Slide

Scott Tarlow

Scott Tarlow, Wheaton College

Mentor: Prof. Christopher Zappa 

Investigating Cooling Rates of a Controlled Lava Flow Using Infrared Imaging and Two Heat Diffusion Models – Abstract and Slide

Ariel Tarrell

Ariel Tarrell, Marquette University

Mentors: Prof. Joaquim Goes  and  Dr. Helga Gomes 

How Does Interannual Sea Ice Variability Affect Phytoplankton Communities in the Eastern Bering Sea? – Abstract and Slide

Richard S. Taylor

Richard S. Taylor, North Carolina State University

Mentors: Prof. Peter deMenocal  and  Dr. Jessica Tierney 

Using Leaf Waxes to Establish Climate Trends in the Horns of Africa – Abstract and Slide

Thomas J. Timbenake

Thomas J. Timbenake, Columbia College

Mentors: Dr. Slywia Trzaska and Dr. Susana Adamo 

Mapping Human Migration and Meningitis in Niger – Abstract and Slide

Sebastian M. Vivancos

Sebastian M. Vivancos, Columbia College

Mentor: Prof. Beizhan Yan 

Optical Characterization of the End-Member Mixtures Found in Urban indoor Air - Abstract and Slide

Ellen M. Ward

Ellen M. Ward, Columbia College

Mentor: Prof. Ajit Subramanian 

What Happened to All of the Oil? Chasing Oxygen Anomalies in the Gulf of Mexico – Abstract and Slide

Rebecca L. Winter

Rebecca L. Winter, Columbia Engineering

Mentors: Albert Boulanger, Dr. David Waltz , and Dr. Roger Anderson 

Using Machine Learning to Forecast Energy Usage - Abstract and Slide

Janelle M. Batta

Janelle M. Batta, Barnard College

Mentors: Dr. Timothy C. Kenna, Dr Frank Nitsche 

Grain Size Correlation to Metals and Bacteria Concentration in Hudson River Sediments - Abstract and Slide

Rebecca A. Chan

Rebecca A. Chan, Columbia University

Mentors: Dr. Ronny Friedrich, Prof. Peter Schlosser 

Residence Times of the Freshwater Lens in the Arctic "Switchyard" Region" - Abstract and Slide

Griffith. M. Curtis

Griffith. M. Curtis, Columbia University

Mentor: Dr. Christopher J. Zappa 

Simultaneous Direct Heat and Carbon Dioxide Flux at a Turbulent Free Surface - Abstract and Slide

Ethan M. Dahlhauser

Ethan M. Dahlhauser, Iowa State University

Mentors: Dr. Sidney R. Hemming, Ms. Elizabeth Pierce 

Characterization of Gliaciall Derived Sediments in the Eastern Weddell Sea:  40 Ar/ 39 Ar Age Distributions of Hornblende Grains- Abstract and Slide


Celia L. Eddy

Celia L. Eddy, Columbia University

Mentor: Dr. Andreas M. Thurnherr 

Estimating Basin-Averaged Diaycnal Diffusivities - Abstract and Slide

James N. Fleming

James N. Fleming, Columbia University

Mentor: Dr. Sean Smukler 

Modeling Carbon Sequestration in Mbola, Tanzania - Abstract and Slide

Joel Gombiner

Joel Gombiner, Columbia University

Mentors: Dr. Sidney R. Hemming and Ms. Elizabeth L. Pierce 

Spatial and Temporal Variation of Ice Ace Mega-Floods in the Pacific Northwest: Sediment Provenance Using Single-Aliquot K/Ar Dating - Abstract and Slide

Julian S. Haimovich

Julian S. Haimovich, Columbia University

Mentor: Dr. Steven N. Chillrud 

On the Optical Characterization of Incense - Abstract and Slide

Brendan A. Hannon

Brendan A. Hannon, Columbia University

Mentors: Dr. Arthur L. Lerner-Lam, Mr. Marc A. Levy 

Are Global Seismic Hazard Prediction Effective? An Evaluation of GSHAP - Abstract and Slide

Jordan Hildebrandt

Jordan Hildebrandt, Wittenberg University

Mentor: Dr. Alberto Malinverno 

Calibrating M-Sequence GPTSs with Uncertainty Quantification and Cyclostratigraphy - Abstract and Slide

Charlie G. Hruska

Charlie G. Hruska, Columbia University

Mentors: Dr. Vadim L. Levin, Prof. William H. Menke 

Regional Scale Constraints on Seismic Lithosphere Thickness Beneath Eastern North America - Abstract and Slide

Allison W. Jacobel

Allison W. Jacobel, Macalester College

Mentors: Prof Jerry F. McManus, Dr. Zohra Mokeddem 

Heinrich-like Events in the Southeast Pacific: Abrupt Climate Change During the Last Interglacial - Abstract and Slide

Helen A. Janiszewski

Helen A. Janiszewski, Rutgers University

Mentors: Dr. Geoffrey A. Abers, Dr. Joshua Calkins, Dr. Donna Shillington 

Using Passive Source Seismic Data to Determine the Crustal Structure of the Aleutian Island Arc - Abstract and Slide

Stephanie D. Jurburg

Stephanie D. Jurburg, Columbia University

Mentors: Prof. Kevin L. Griffin and Diana Hsueh

Analysis of the Effect of Vegetation on Urban CO 2 Gradients - Abstract and Slide

Eunbyul Lee

Eunbyul Lee, Columbia University

Mentor: Dr. Adi Torfstein 

Deposition Mechanisms and Sources of Marine Sediment in the Weddell Sea, Antarctica - Abstract and Slide

Jeremy I. Lehmann

Jeremy I. Lehmann, Columbia University 

Mentor: Dr. Yochanan Kushnir 

On the Relationship Between Weather and Widespread Power Outages in the United States - Abstract and Slide

Michelle T. Mabson

Michelle T. Mabson, Howard University

Mentors:  Dr. Sidney R. Hemming, Ms. Elizabeth Pierce 

Variations in the 143 Nd/ 144 Nd ratio of the Early Pliocene to Late Miocene Glacially Derived Sediments in the Prydz Bay, East Antarctica - Abstract and Slide

Hannah N. Perls

Hannah N. Perls, Columbia University

Mentors: Prof. Mark A. Cane, Dr. Edward R. Cook 

The Effects of Large-Scale Circulation on Temperature and Precipitation in the Himalayas and the Tibetan Plateau - Abstract and Slide

Dieu-NhuS. Phan

Dieu-Nhu S. Phan, Columbia University

Mentor: Dr. Ajit Subramaniam 

Remote Sensing of Sediment Concentration in the Hudson River using 250-m MODIS/Aqua Land Bands - Abstract and Slide

Rodrigo Prugue

Rodrigo Prugue, Florida State University

Mentors: Dr. Timothy C. Kenna, Dr. Frank Nitsche 

Determining the Sediment Budget of the Lower Hudson River - Abstract and Slide

Cristina Subt

Cristina Subt, University of Texas at El Paso

Mentor: Dr. Dallas Abbott 

Cosmic Catastrophe in the Gulf of Carpentaria - Abstract and Slide

Laura E. Vogel

Laura E. Vogel, Columbia University

Mentors: Dr. Yochanan Kushnir, Dr. Richard Seager 

Does Global Warming Cause More Extreme Seasonal-to-Interannual Precipitation Anomalies in Southwestern North America? - Abstract and Slide

James C. Voorhis

James C. Voorhis, Tufts University

Mentor: Dr. David Schaff 

A Simple Cascade Model Based on the Gutenberg Richter Magnitude Frequency Distribution - Abstract and Slide

Lisa C. Weber

Lisa C. Weber, Columbia University

Mentor: Dr. Dallas Abbott 

The Quest for a Novel Paleosalinity Indicator: Did Tsunami Events Generated by an Extraterrestrial Bolide Cause a Change in Salinity in the Hudson River Circa 2300 BP? - Abstract and Slide

Nathan H. Winkler

Nathan H. Winkler, Columbia University

Mentor: Dr. Raymond N. Sambrotto 

Loss of Fixed Carbon and Nitrogen to the Atmosphere from the Estuarine Turbidity Maximum in the Hudson River - Abstract and Slide

Nina Yang

Nina Yang, Barnard College

Mentor: Dr. Adi Torfstein 

Late Glacial Dust Patterns During the Mystery Interval: A Study of Dead Sea Sediments - Abstract and Slide

Guleed Ali

Guleed Ali, University of Arizona

Mentor: Sidney Hemming 

Chronology of High Lake Levels at Mono Lake during the Last Glacial Cycle from 14C and 40Ar/39Ar chronology - Abstract and Slide

Talia Arbit

Talia Arbit, Barnard College

Mentor: Brian Mailloux 

Testing for the Presence of Bacteriophages in Surface and Ground Water in Bara Haldia, Bangladesh  - Abstract 

Danielle Bitterman

Danielle Bitterman, Columbia College  

Mentors: Kevin Griffin, Stephanie Searle

Acclimation of respiration of Quercus rubra to long- and short-term changes in temperature  - Abstract and Slide

Katherine Cagen

Katherine Cagen, Harvard University 

Mentor: Dallas H. Abbott 

Evidence for a Tsunamigenic Impact in the New York Metropolitan Area Approximately 2300 Years Ago  - Abstract and Slide

Nina Carriero

Nina Carriero, Brown University

Mentor: Jim Gaherty

Measurement of Rayleigh-Wave Phase and Group Velocities from Ambient Noise Recorded on Land and Ocean-Bottom Seismographs  - Abstract and Slide

Rex Chen

Rex Chen, Columbia University

Mentors: Kevin Griffin and Stephanie Searle

Temperature effects on the physiological traits of Quercus rubra in New York  - Abstract and Slide

Jeanette Clark

Jeanette Clark, Columbia College

Mentor: Andreas Thunherr

Hydrographic Evidence for Enhanced Mixing in Fracture Zone Canyons - Abstract and Slide

Daniel Cohen

Daniel Cohen, Columbia College

Mentors: Bill Ryan, Frank Nitsche

Dating Submerged Shorelines in the Black Sea using Optically Stimulated Luminescence Dating - Abstract and Slide

Justin Coplan

Justin Coplan, Rochester Institute of Technology

Mentors: Bill Ryan, Frank Nitsche

Dataset Discovery through GeoMapApp - Abstract and Slide

Davene Daley, Vassar College

Mentors: Sidney Hemming, Leopoldo Pena

Determining the Deep Water Mass Transport in the East Equatorial Pacific during glacial Terminations using Neodymium Isotopes in Benthic Foraminifera - Abstract and Slide


Sarah Fackler, University of Pennsylvania

Mentor: Veronica Lance

Phytoplankton Responses to Increased Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide - Abstract and Slide


Michael Giordano

Michael Giordano, Columbia University

Mentor: Xiaojun Yuan

On the relationships between Southern Hemisphere climate modes and cyclones - Abstract and Slide

Daniel Granovsky

Daniel Granovsky, City College of New York

Mentor: Chris Zappa

Sea-Spray Mediated Enthalpy Flux - Abstract and Slide

Julianne Hagarty

Julianne Hagarty, The Pennsylvania State University 

Mentors: Andy Juhl

Persistence of Enterococcus in Hudson River sediments - Abstract and Slide

Daniel Kennedy

Daniel Kennedy, Columbia University

Mentors: Beizhan Yan

Combinatorial optimization algorithms for source apportionment of PM2.5 on Teflon filters - Abstract and Slide

Elise Luce

Elise Luce, Eckerd College 

Mentors: Tim Kenna and Frank Nitsche

Lead, Zinc, and Copper Metal Distribution in Sediment Inventories within the Hudson River Estuary - Abstract and Slide

Eliza McGovern

Eliza McGovern, Barnard College

Mentor: Sean Smukler

Carbon Sequestration in the Millennium Villages: Potential Models to Follow - Abstract and Slide

Hannah Moore

Hannah Moore, Columbia University

Mentor: Tim Crone

Automatic detection of blue whale calls from ocean bottom seismometer array at the East Pacific Rise, 9°50'N - Abstract and Slide

Lila Neiswanger

Lila Neiswanger, Columbia University

Mentor: Nick Christie-Blick, Byrdie Renik, Sidney Hemming

A Test of a Tectonic Reconstruction of Southern Nevada using Pb Isotopes - Abstract and Slide

Ashley Nieves

Ashley Nieves, Columbia University

Mentors: Steve Chillrud, Beizhan Yan

Differences in the Elemental Composition of Airborne Particulate Matter Collected in Bangladesh, Ghana, Kenya, and NYC  - Abstract and Slide

Thien Khoi Nguyen

Thien Khoi Nguyen, Columbia College

Mentors: Adi Torfstein, Gisela Winckler

Interplanetary dust particles in the Mediterranean: using helium isotopes to constrain sediment fluxes during sapropel events - Abstract and Slide

Monica Quaintance

Monica Quaintance, Columbia College

Mentor: Malgosia Madajewicz

Assessment of the Climate Predictability Tool’s effectiveness in mitigating risk to developing countries from short-term climate variation - Abstract and Slide

Vincent Reppucci

Vincent Reppucci, Columbia University

Mentor: Dallas Abbott 

Evidence for a tsunami generating impact event in the New York coastal region approximately 2300 years ago - Abstract and Slide

Daniel Ruiz

Daniel Ruiz, University of California - Berkeley

Mentors: Sidney Hemming, Leopoldo Pena

Constraining the incorporation of Nd in planktonic foraminiferal calcite using  143Nd/144Nd isotopes and comparisons with a N. Atlantic water column profile - Abstract and Slide

Pierre Saddi

Pierre Saddi

Mentors: Jennifer Arbuszewski, Peter de Menocal

Tracking Northward Migration of the ITCZ in the equatorial Atlantic from the LGM through the Early Holocene Using Mg/Ca as a SST Proxy - Slide

Peri Sasnett

Peri Sasnett, Columbia College

Mentor: Brent Goehring

Surface exposure dating of phreatic eruptions at Ubehebe Crater, Death Valley, California  - Abstract and Slide

Gabriel Schubiner

Gabriel Schubiner, Columbia University

Mentors: Bill Ryan, Frank Nitsche

Implementing a 3D Visualization Tool for Water Column Data  - Abstract and Slide

Laura Seidman

Laura Seidman, Columbia College

Mentor: Sean Smukler

Monitoring Biomass in the Tanzanian Miombo Woodlands Using Satellite Imagery - Abstract and Slide

Emily Spokowski, Barnard College

Mentor: Bill Schuster 

Painted Turtle Growth in Correlation with the pH of their Environment - Abstract and Slide


Orly Stampfer

Orly Stampfer, Columbia College 

Mentor: Marc Levy

Building socioeconomic scenarios for the analysis of climate impact vulnerability - Abstract and Slide

Phyllis Thangaraj, Yale University

Mentors: Donna Shillington, Alberto Malinverno 

Determining a Relationship between Gravity Roughness, the Spreading Rate, and Relative Crustal Thickness of Transitional Crust  - Abstract and Slide


Marissa Tremblay

Marissa Tremblay, Barnard College

Mentors: Nick Christie-Blick, Byrdie Renik, Sidney Hemming

40Ar/39Ar geochronology at Sheephead Mountain, California, with implications for the long-term slip rate of the right-lateral Sheephead fault  - Abstract and Slide

2008 Summer Intern Group Photo

Intern Names (Left to Right)

First Row: Tyler Ruff, Jay De Lanoy, Elena Steponaitis, Alison Powell, Larry Cheng, Abigail Lorah

Second Row: Liz Suter, Sarah Starke, Mackenzie Yang, Holly Menton-Weil, Robin Broder

Third Row: Nicole Robinson, Liz Logan, Darren McKee, Ilana Somasunderum, Sabah Syed, Yasemin Erboy, Alexa Tzanova, Rebecca Johnson, Habibatu Jalloh, Aissatou Guisse

Missing: Acadia Roher, Samuel Thomas, Katherine Lee, Ariel Zucker


Robin Broder, Barnard College

Mentor: Albert Boulanger

Joint Inference as a means of Enhancing Failure Prediction for Electricity Distribution - Abstract and Slide


Larry Cheng, Columbia University

Mentors: Beishan Yan, Steve Chillrud

Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Contamination History of Van Cortlandt Park Lake - Abstract and Slide


Jay De Lanoy, George Mason University

Mentors: Philip Orton, Wade McGillis

Carbon dioxide, heat, and water fluxes on a Manhattan green roof - Abstract and Slide


Yasemin Erboy, Columbia University

Mentor: Bill Smethie

Temporal Variability of Sulfur Hexafluoride and Trifluoromethyl Sulfur Pentafluoride Concentrations in the Atmosphere - Abstract and Slide


Aissatou Guisse, Hostos Community College

Mentors: Bob Newton, Ray Sambrotto

The Impact of Eutrophication and the Level of Nutrients in the Hudson River - Abstract and Slide


Habibatu Jalloh, Hostos Community College

Mentor: Lareef Zubair

Relationship between vector borne diseases and climate in Sri Lanka - Abstract and Slide


Rebecca Johnson, Columbia University

Mentor: Chris Zappa

The Effect of Ice on Gas Transfer Seen Through an Infrared Lens - Abstract and Slide


Katherine Lee, Elon University

Mentor: Bob Vaillancourt

Chlorophyll Concentration and Light Propagation in the Water Column - Abstract and Slide


Liz Logan, Columbia College

Mentors: Alexey Kaplan, Huei-Ping Huang

Tracking Mesoscale Eddies in an Ocean Model - Abstract and Slide


Abigail Lorah, Barnard College

Mentors: Bob Newton, Ray Sambrotto

The Tidal Influence on the Nutrient Concentrations in the Hudson River Estuary - Abstract and Slide


Darren McKee, Columbia University

Mentors: Xiaojun Yuan, Arnold Gordon

Impact of Surface Climate Forcing on Interannual Variability of Antarctic Bottom Water in the Weddell Sea - Abstract and Slide


Holly Menton-Weil, Barnard College

Mentors: Frank Nitsche, Tim Kenna

Identifying 20th Century Sediment Deposition in the Harbor and Manhattan Section of the Hudson River Estuary - Abstract and Slide


Alison Powell, Barnard College 

Mentor: Brian Mailloux

Bromide and Sulfur Hexafluoride Tracer Experiment: Preparation for in situ oxalic acid injections to mobilize arsenic at the Vineland superfund site - Abstract and Slide


Nicole Robinson, University of Maryland - Baltimore

Mentors: Frank Nitsche, Tim Kenna

Identifying the Distribution of 20th Century Deposition in the Poughkeepsie and Newburgh Regions of the Hudson River Estuary - Abstract and Slide


Acadia Roher, Barnard College

Mentor: Natalie Boelman

Using hyperspectral vegetation indices to detect Differences in Quercus rubra Leaf Pigment Content & Phenology Along an Urban-to-Rural Gradient - Abstract and Slide


Tyler Ruff, Pennsylvania State University

Mentors: Yochanan Kushnir, Richard Seeger

Water Cycle Variability and Future Droughts in the Colorado River Headwater Region - Abstract and Slide


Ilana Somasunderum, Columbia University

Mentors: Nick Christie-Blick, Steve Pekar, Steve Goldstein

Early Miocene Sedimentation, Sample Preparation and Strontium Isotope Geochronology in Northwestern Egypt and the Gulf of Suez - Abstract and Slide


Sarah Starke, Florida Institute of Technology

Mentors: Samar Khatiwala, Chris Zappa

Parametrizing Gas Exchange Velocity at the Air-Sea Interface in Global Circulation Models - Abstract and Slide


Elena Steponaitis, Barnard College

Mentor: Sidney Hemming

Hornblende Ar-Ar and zircon U-Pb evidence for provenance of eastern Weddell Sea glaciogenic sediments, Antarctica - Abstract and Slide


Liz Suter, CUNY - Hunter College

Mentors: Andrew Juhl, Greg Omullan

Effects of Temperature and Organic Matter Concentration on Survival and Growth of Sewage-Indicating Bacteria in Hudson River Water  - Abstract and Slide


Sabah Syed, Queens College

Mentor: Steve Pekar

The First Miocene Climatic Optimum (18-16 Ma): Stable Isotope and Mg/Ca Records from ODP Leg 189 Site 1168 - Abstract and Slide


Samuel Thomas, Columbia College /Jewish Theological Seminary

Mentor: Kevin Griffin

Photosynthesis and respiratory acclimation in Quercus rubra L. along an urban-to-rural gradient - Abstract and Slide


Alexa Tzanova, Columbia College

Mentors: Lex Van Geen, Jacob Mey

Paleo-proxy Calibration of SST Variability in Soledad Basin, Baja California - Abstract and Slide


Mackenzie Yang, Columbia College 

Mentor: Dallas Abbott

Evidence for An Impact Crater in the Ross Sea - Abstract and Slide


Ariel Zucker, Columbia College

Mentor: Marc Levy

The Relationship Between Antibiotic Consumption and Emerging Infectious Disease - Abstract and Slide