Teacher Resources for the Event

We understand that running a field based sampling event with students requires careful pre-planning and identifying the necessary resources. To support our educators we have put together many resources to help make your sampling event run smoothly. The page contains material to watch, review and print for the field! Please contact us if you have any questions Rebecca Houser and Margie Turrin

Salinity Testing

Using a hydrometer to test salinity. 

Supplies for the Day

Student Recording Packets are available as a full packet in pdf format, or as individual editable sheets in word format.

To better support our teachers and educators we have developed a Teacher Master Recording Packet. Thist includes a complete description of each protocol, what it means and why it is included in this event, and the equipment and supplies needed. We also included examples of entries to guide your submission.

Photo Releases allow us to include photos from your site. Please collect these from your students.


We have also drafted a sample trip permission sheet for you to use. 



We have also organied a list of supplies, you will need for your day at the river, possible vendors and approximate costs. Participants do not need to do all the tests, and some supplies will be provided by the Day in the Life Team: sediment corer, and quantabs for low salinity sites. Please contact us with equipment questions.


Students demonstrate tools to measure salt levels in the Hudson River.

A simple instructional video on how to seine effectively with your students. 

We have prepared a planning guide with a list of suggested supplies and our organization for each sampling station. These are provided in both pdf and word formats so you can tailor it to fit your needs. Note that none of this is mandatory and participants are not required to do each station or to organize them as we did.This is intended to be a help!

For many of the sample parameters we have developed step-by-step sampling guides in both English and Spanish.

Key vocabulary for the Day in the Life Event as well as studying the Hudson River estuary.

A picture based Beaufort chart to use with students in measuring wind strength.

A complete checklist of Hudson River Fish in taxmonic ordernoteing if they are native or non-native species. 

237 fish have been identified as of 10/5/22.