Day in the Life Data

Each Day in the Life site gathers data on a range of parameters that include physical, chemical, biological and other characteristics of the Hudson. Data is then organized so that participants and educators can view results by year, by sampling site, by specific parameter, or by seeing how each site fits into the rest of the Hudson River. 

Recording Data

Another way to explore the data is through our two interactive databases. The top database focuses on comparing sites along the river for a selected year. The bottom database focuses on how sites have varied over time. Hoovering over a datapoint provides the year and number represented in the parameter. You can zoom in on a section of the graph by selecting an area with your cursor. Finally, you can download the graph. Spend some time and explore the data to learn all about our estuary.

Interactvive Database

Link to Chart Along River 

Data by Years, Sites and More

Each year we have complied a cummulative datasheet. The most recent datasheets (2020 through present) are compiled in google sheets with the first tab being the participating sites. Earlier sheets are collated in excel files.