Visitor Opportunities: Hudson River Field Station

Seining on the Hudson River

The Hudson River Field Station is a community hub for Lamont’s local research, education, and outreach programs. Positioned directly on the Hudson River at the end of Piermont Pier in Piermont, New York, the Field Station provides local and regional opportunities to participate in scientific, historical, and cultural exploration ‘of place.’

The Hudson River itself is the best classroom for instruction and learning, therefore, the Hudson River Field Station’s core education mission is to facilitate place-based learning opportunities of the Hudson through field investigations, allowing participants to explore and learn from the natural world. 

Opportunities include drop-in visits to explore exhibits and materials, community science projects, school visits, and weekend science events. Programs and materials include scientific exploration of the biological, chemical, and physical characteristics of the estuary; uncovering artifacts along the shoreline to provide historical context and cultural connections to the Hudson; discussing the Hudson Valley landscape to better understand the geologic history of the area; and participating in stewardship opportunities along the Hudson.