Steven Lloyd Goldstein

Professor Steven Goldstein is currently department chair and professor in the Earth and Environmental Science Department at Columbia. In addition to his teaching, Professor Goldstein is also the lead principal investigator of the Isotope Geochemistry Lab at Lamont Doherty Earth Science Observatory. Current projects range from studies of magmatic processes to chemical oceanography, from the history of the early Earth to recent climate changes. Most studies utilize the products of natural radioactive decay in rocks and waters, as process tracers and to determine absolute ages. Routinely used isotopic techniques include Rb-Sr, Sm-Nd, Th-U-Pb, Lu-Hf, Li isotopes, and intermediate products of U-decay. In addition to his research and work at Columbia, he has also served on several editorial boards of respected publications including: Chemical Geology, Earth and Planetary Science Letters and the Journal of Geophysics Research-Solid Earth. Currently, Professor Goldstein is editor-in-chief of Chemical Geology. He also serves on several committees including: Harry H. Hess Medal Committee, American Geophysical Union, GERM (Geochemical Earth Reference Model), National Terrestrial Sample Repository and many more. Prior to his work at Columbia, Professor Steven Goldstein was a staff scientist at the Max-Planck Institute fur Chemie, Department of Geochemistry in Mainz, Germany from 1985-1996. He also held the position of research assistant in the Department of Earth Sciences at the University of Cambridge in England from 1984-1985. Dr. Goldstein received his Ph.D. from Columbia University in 1986, his M.A. from Harvard University in 1978 and his B.A. from Columbia College in 1976.