Scientists Are Superheroes

Scientists Are Superheroes

The GRate science project studies the history of the Greenland Ice Sheet in order to better understand how the past can help predict the future. By bringing together a team of super-scientists from a wide range of disciplines including geologists, paleontologists, glaciologists, modelers, oceanographers, biologists and education specialists, the GRate team can focus their super-skills on uncovering the secrets of Greenland’s past climate. Our science superhero team has been turned into ‘real superheroes’ by our talented artist Jeremy Stock with their own set of activities and curriculum materials for both middle school and high school. 

Each of our superheroes has special super science skills that they share with the students through activities and lessons. The theme for our resources is “How do we know about the past?” which we explore through a range of different proxies. Our superheroes have phenomena activities, curricular pieces, superhero postcards that introduce science careers, and posters. All our resources are free and downloadable below. 

Scientists Are Superheroes from the GRate Project

Scientists are Superheroes is a creation of the GRate Project through the amazing artistry of Jeremy Stock. These heroes work together to explore the history of the Greenland Ice Sheet using different science proxies. Each superhero scientist has activities and curriculum pieces developed through this and the prior Snow On Ice project. 

Scientists Are Superheroes Curriculum Resources

Post card: Each of our superheroes has a card with the superhero on the front and the real scientist on the back. 

Posters: Many of our scientists have a poster that can be downloaded to share in your classroom.

Project Introduction: The project introductary powerpoint is ready to share in your classroom. 

Teaching Outline: An introductory teaching resource for the superhero curriculum

Estelle Explores the Ocean: Using dinocysts, a fossilized stage of small dinoflagellate plankton, Estelle studies the history of the west Greenland ocean water.

Alia Explores Proglacial Lakes: Alia uses sediment cores of lake mud to learn when the lake was ice covered and when it was ice free. 

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