We Made Musical Instruments From Trash at Manhattanville Community Day

Inspired by Bash the Trash, kids had a chance to make musical instruments out of reusable materials, then perform in a parade.

Columbia Climate School
May 23, 2023

On May 20, Manhattanville Community Day brought together members of the Columbia community with our neighbors in Morningside Heights, West Harlem, Harlem, and Washington Heights. The free, family-friendly celebration offered film screenings, art workshops, delicious food, stimulating science talks, and more.

Columbia Climate School’s contribution included a rousing performance by Bash the Trash, a band that uses reused and repurposed materials to make music and raise awareness about environmental challenges. Kids also had a chance to make their own musical instruments out of reusable materials, then play them together in a musical parade.

The Climate School also gave away illustrated comic cards featuring local scientists from our Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, as part of our continued effort to make science fun and accessible to children, families, and the general public.

Check out the photos and videos below to see some highlights of the day.

Two children and an adult playing with recycled musical instruments
Kids had the opportunity to craft their own recycled musical instruments at Community Day. Photo: Omar Herrera
A man in an orane shirt helps a kid make an instrument from recycled materials
Photo: Omar Herrera
A band performs on stage.
Bash the Trash performed at Community Day using innovative musical instruments made from repurposed materials to encourage environmental awareness. Photo: Omar Herrera
A person in an orange shirt holds up a DIY instrument
A member of the Bash the Trash band holds up a hand-crafted, refurbished musical instrument. Photo: Omar Herrera