This Earth Day, Choose the Planet Over Plastics

In keeping with the theme of Earth Day 2024, how do we reduce global plastic pollution and ensure a more sustainable future?

Olga Rukovets
April 02, 2024

In honor of Earth Day on April 22, the Climate School has a variety of great events and stories lined up throughout the entire month of April. Find out more here

Since 1970, every April 22 has served as a salient reminder of the urgent need for greater environmental awareness and climate action. This year’s Earth Day—with the theme of Planet vs. Plastics—is no different, setting a lofty goal of ending plastic consumption and demanding a 60% reduction in all plastics production by 2040.

Currently, we generate about 400 million metric tons of plastic waste every year worldwide —roughly the collective weight of the human population—according to the United Nations Environment Programme. Nearly 36% of this plastic is used in packaging, including single-use products for food and beverage containers, and about 85% ends up in landfills.

And these alarming numbers continue to grow, with production predicted to reach a staggering 1,100 million metric tons by 2050, absent any sort of intervention.

Beach plastic Pollution scaled.jpeg
Photo: NOAA’s National Ocean Service

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