Photos, Tweets, and More: Columbia Climate School at COP27

Learn more about how Columbia Climate School has been advancing the conversation at the world’s most important climate change summit.

Columbia Climate School
November 17, 2022

For the past two weeks, diplomats from around the world are gathered in Egypt to discuss global climate solutions at COP27. Delegates from the Columbia Climate School are in attendance as well, giving talks, hosting panel discussions, and pushing new ideas forward. Learn more about what we’ve been up to in the photos, tweets, and videos below.

alex halliday standing in front of 'science' banner
“We urgently need science and technology to come up with new, clever, and workable solution for tackling the climate crisis.” — Alex Halliday, Columbia Climate School founding dean
brianna fruean speaking at a table
The Columbia Climate School co-hosted a Talanoa dialogue to accelerate climate breakthroughs in small island developing states. In her opening remarks, Brianna Fruean, a young leader from Samoa, explained that Talanoa means to “open knots, but it also means to pull out the threads, and together we can weave these threads into a new tapestry, and create a vision for a better future.”

Today is Gender Day at #COP27🙌 I'll be moderating a panel with incredible women at the SDG7 Pavilion, organized by @SEforALLorg @EnergyAlliance. 🔗Register here to have access to the livestream: #LetsChangeEnergy #SDG7atCOP27

— Eduarda Zoghbi (@duda_zoghbi) November 14, 2022

climate justice pavilion banner with climate school logo in lower right corner
The Climate School co-sponsored the Climate Justice Pavilion, founded by the Deep South Center for Environmental Justice, WE ACT for Environmental Justice and the Bullard Center for Environmental & Climate Justice with the support of international collaborators.
people speaking on a panel
Maria Dombrov of Columbia Climate School’s Center for Climate Systems Research spoke at a panel about electric mobility in developing countries.
people stand behind a sign that says "israel climate of innovation"
Dombrov also established an Israeli Research Hub with the Urban Climate Change Research Network.

During #COP27 Body Maps & Feeling Walks, @Columbia students led by @TCSustainable's @RakshaPlanner & @columbiaclimate Climate Imaginations Network's Ben Mylius explored "human" reasons we connect to the environment & why those reasons make #climatechange so important to address.

— Columbia Climate School (@columbiaclimate) November 17, 2022

.@JasonBordoff of @ColumbiaUEnergy and @ColumbiaClimate called for a whole new toolkit for delivering energy security at #TheEnergyRevolution, our virtual event at #COP27. Watch the full session here:

— Project Syndicate (@ProSyn) November 15, 2022

🌍 African leaders taking important steps at #COP27: launch of initiative for just & affordable #EnergyTransition in #Africa@CCSI_Columbia & its Roadmap to Zero-Carbon Electrification support African #energy & development goals

— Martin Dietrich Brauch (@MartinBrauch) November 15, 2022

people seated on a stage
Rajiv Joshi (left), associate dean of climate action at the Columbia Climate School, discussed the future of climate cooperation among non-state actors with co-architect of the Paris Agreement and former Columbia professor Laurence Tubiana; Kenya’s principal energy secretary and advisor to Columbia’s Center on Global Energy Policy Andrew Kamau; and the New South Wales, Australia minister for energy Matthew John Kean. Watch a recording of the event here. Photo courtesy of Kite Insights

Thad Pawlowski @ethaddeus, GSAPP Faculty & Managing Director of Center for Resilient Cities & Landscapes, presents work by @ColumbiaUD's Water Urbanism Studio led by MSAUD Director & Prof. @KateOrff in Climate Justice Pavilion, Blue Zone at #COP27:

— Columbia GSAPP (@ColumbiaGSAPP) November 12, 2022

kristina douglass standing in front of a banner about youth and future generations
“Young people have been brave where we have not. They have taken a greater share of responsibility in addressing the crisis and have done so with clarity of vision about what must be done. We must follow their lead.” — Kristina Douglass, Columbia Climate School associate professor and Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory archaeologist and anthropologist
board game with cards and pieces
Sustainability Management student Jiangnan Shen gave a talk about how board games can contribute to climate education and action. Read our Q&A with her. 
Sonya Dyhrman at podium giving powerpoint presentation
Biological oceanographer Sonya Dyhrman from Columbia Climate School’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory presented her research in an event around ocean-based carbon dioxide removal.
people sitting at a table
A roundtable discussion co-hosted by the Columbia Climate School and the Columbia Business School brought together senior leaders from across industries and organizations to discuss the next generation of climate leaders. The discussion focused on what skills are needed today and in the future, how to gain expertise in climate and sustainability, what young leaders are looking for in their career paths, and how to deliver impact.

two of @danaujoks students in one picture, at #COP27 in Egypt!

attending @Columbia alumni reception, great to meet faculty, students and alums working in the climate space 🙌🏼

— Jasmin 🌸 (@JasminIrisha) November 12, 2022

people talking at a table
The Columbia Business School and the Columbia Climate School co-hosted an in-depth discussion on climate and finance. Panelists discussed how do we create markets and mechanisms that incentivize green investing? What are the new and emerging technologies we should be watching? And how do we ensure that the impacts and benefits of investments and technology are distributed equitably?

As President Biden and President Xi meet in Bali, CGEP Inaugural Fellow @dsandalow speaks on US-China climate diplomacy and his new book "Guide to Chinese Climate Policy 2022" at #COP27 in Egypt.

— Columbia U Energy (@ColumbiaUEnergy) November 14, 2022

As the US and Chinese climate delegations resume official discussions, @ColumbiaUEnergy's @dsandalow appears at a #COP27 event with @IEA deputy executive director @AmbMaryWarlick and Chinese minister Xie Zhenhua.

— Columbia Climate School (@columbiaclimate) November 17, 2022