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Sustain What? Telling Climate Stories on Screen

April 25, 2023
3:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Join longtime journalist Andy Revkin of the Columbia Climate School in an exploration of the latest efforts to use film and TV to engage audiences with human-driven climate change.

Andy’s guests are:

Scott Z. Burns, writer, director and executive producer of the Apple TV+ series “Extrapolations” (Among many other credits, Burns also wrote the screenplay for the prescient 2011 pandemic thriller “Contagion”)


Extrapolations is an eight-part limited series interlacing a globe-spanning, time-spanning set of climate stories from the near future. The final segment runs on Friday April 21.
Show info:

Anna Jane Joyner, founder of Good Energy, a nonprofit consultancy helping filmmakers tackle climate-related themes.

Ben Eckersley, an early-career filmmaker focused on telling climate stories that reveal “how our economic needs conflict with environmental and ethical aspirations.”

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