Hung T. T. Nguyen

I am a water guy.

In my research, I try to understand the variability and changes in the water cycle at multiple spatial and temporal scales, and apply such understanding to water resources management.

I care about reproducible research. I believe in sharing knowledge and work to promote science to a broader audience. I love teaching and I do my best to instill research interests in students.

Before coming back to academia, I was an engineer, running water treatment plants in Qatar and Singapore. Having seen the bolts and nuts of water resources systems, and the problems they inherited from a larger scale, I appreciate the importance of systematic planning and operation. That triggered me to pursue a PhD in Engineering Systems and Design, with a focus on water resources management.

As I was working towards better water management for a better future, I realized that the key to the future lies in the past, and trees hold—in their rings—a treasure map that can lead us to that key. Since then, the weirdly wonderful world of tree rings has always fascinated me.


PhD, Singapore University of Technology and Design

MSc, Delft University of Technology

MSc, National University of Singapore B.Eng, National University of Singapore

Honors & Awards

2021, Climate Center Grant, US$ 10,000.

2020, Lamont-Doherty Postdoctoral Fellowship

2016, SUTD President's Graduate Fellowship