Christopher Small

  • 1963 - Born 
  • 1985 - BS Geophysics & Geology, University of Wisconsin Madison 
  • 1989 - MA Geological Sciences, University of Texas at Austin 
  • 1993 - PhD Geophysics, Scripps Inst. Oceanography, Univ. of California San Diego 
  • 1993 - Lamont Postdoctoral Fellow 
  • 2010 - Lamont Research Professor


  • 1985 - BS Geophysics & Geology, University of Wisconsin Madison 
  • 1989 - MA Geological Sciences, University of Texas at Austin 
  • 1993 - PhD Geophysics, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California San Diego

Honors & Awards

  • 1993 - Lamont Postdoctoral Research Fellowship 
  • 1997 - UCAR Climate & Global Change Research Fellowship
  • 1998 - Palisades Geophysical Institute + Doherty Foundation Young Scientist Position 
  • 2005 - ASPRS Leica Geosystems Award (w/ F. Pozzi) 
  • 2013 - Best Paper Award, Joint Urban Remote Sensing Event, São Paulo, Brasil 
  • 2015 - Golden Goose Award (w/ J. Cohen), AAAS 
  • 2019 - Fulbright Foreign Scholarship - Brasil

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