Tobias Schneider

Currently (2021-2022), Tobias is hosted by Prof. Dr. William D'Andrea to conduct his Swiss NSF Postdoc.Mobility fellowship project entitled "Holocene climate variability from Kerguelen Islands and NE Greenland: combining sedimentary lipid biomarkers with hyperspectral imaging techniques". He investigates lipid biomarkers such as Alkenones (temperature) and Deuterium-isotopes measured on leaf waxes (hydroclimate) extracted from lake sediments from NE Greenland and Kerguelen Islands, to obtain climate reconstructions over the Holocene (~12 ka BP). He further applies non-destructive scanning techniques such as computed tomography (CT), hyperspectral imaging and X-Ray fluorescence scans to explore the study lakes' paleo productivity and anoxia histories.

Before joining LDEO, Tobias conducted an SNSF early Postdoc.Mobility fellowship hosted at the Geoscience Department at Univesity of Massachusetts, Amherst (2019-2021). He was co-hosted by Prof. Dr. Isla S. Castañeda and Prof. Dr. Raymond S. Bradley. He applied a combination of brGDGTs analyses (lipid biomarker) and hyperspectral imaging to infer local Holocene-length temperature-, eutrophication-, and anoxia variability based on lake sediments from Lakes 578 and Igaliku in S Greenland. 

He dedicated his PhD (2014-2018, supervised by Prof. Dr. Martin Grosjean) to the investigation of lake sediments from Cajas National Park, Ecuador (Climate reconstruction, tephrochronology, and pollution history), and Lake Lugano, Switzerland (high-resolution Eutrophication reconstruction based on hyperspectral imaging).

Alongside his research, he co-founded the SNSF Global Fellows Network that connects over 300 SNSF Postdocs from all research fields around the Globe in which he serves as a board member. He further is a regional representative for North America of PAGES early career network (ECN). 

Fields of Interest

  • Paleolimnology
  • Lake sediments
  • Climate of the past
  • Human-Climate interactions
  • Hyperspectral imaging of lake sediments
  • Lipid biomarkers
  • Chronostratigraphical techniques


  • 06.2018 PhD of Science in Climate SciencesOeschger Centre for Climate Change Research and Institute of Geography, University of Bern, Switzerland

  • 03.2014 MSc in Geography, Institute of Geography, University of Bern, Switzerland

  • 10.2011 BSc in Geography, Minor in Biology, Institute of Geography, University of Bern, Switzerland

Honors & Awards

  • 06.2021 SNSF-Postdoc.Mobility-fellowship grant number P400P2_199323
  • 05.2019 SNSF-Early Postdoc.Mobility-fellowship grant number P2BEP2_184428

Peer-reviewed articles

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Book contributions

  • Schneider, T., Weber, H., Franke, J., Brönnimann, S. (2013). The Storm Surge Event of the Netherlands in 1953. In: Brönnimann, S. and Martius, O. (Eds.). Weather extremes during the past 140 years. Geographica Bernensia G89, p. 35-43, doi: 10.4480/GB2013.G89.04

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