Shamima Hossain

Provides administrative support for the Associate Director and Division Administrator of the large, very active, grants-funded research science division of LDEO. Maintains confidentiality with all sensitive materials, matters, and databases for divisional controls, including salary tracking and PI information. Helps with Budget entries - Government and Non-governmental grants. Coordinates Associate Director’s calendar, schedules senior staff meetings, performance evaluations, and ExCom Rep election. Exceptionally work with Columbia University financial systems such as ARC, FDS, and FinSy. Arranges TBERS, known as CONCUR, for Division-wide personnel. Prepares RASCALS, C&Ps, COI, and relevant documents involved with all aspects of grant proposal processing. Organizes and coordinates events, conferences, workshops, and seminars for Division. Keeps training, receipts, and in possession of both P-card and Travel Card. Coordinate and assist in maintaining the division website redesign and MG&G Roster. Expertly liaise with senior and managerial staff members and a wide variety of University and faculty members and external contacts.