Natalie Trotta

Natalie Trotta is the Assistant Director of Research Management & Leadership within the Office of Research, supporting researcher professional development through new programming that cultivates leadership skills to empower Climate School researchers. She manages the Leadership Education & Development Program (LEAD), a series of interactive workshops and seminars designed to support researchers in learning about, developing, and expanding on their leadership skills toolbox. Natalie also oversees the Emerging Voices in Geosciences & Society Seminars, a new Climate School-Provostial initiative allowing diverse speakers to share their research, outreach, and community-centered activities.

Prior to joining the Climate School in 2022, Natalie worked at the Zuckerman Institute on organization-wide scientific programming and mentoring efforts. She charted the course for the Columbia Neuroscience Seminar Series through the transition from in-person to virtual events, setting program best practices and organizational processes in place, and launched the Zuckerman Institute Affiliate Members Program. Natalie holds a BA in Marketing from Pace University, and is currently pursuing an MBA from Columbia.