Naomi J. Saunders

I am a non-traditional stable isotope geochemist. In 2018, I received my PhD on stable Ni isotopic fractionation in high temperature terrestrial and lunar rocks from Oxford University, UK. I am currently working on several Ni isotope studies, expanding on this work and the explosion of recent interest in this area. I am also preparing to move into our new clean lab at LDEO, Alex Halliday's NICER Lab (Novel Isotopes in Climate, Environment, and Rocks).

I am originally from Cumbria in the North of England, and grew up around the magnificent rocks of the Lake District. The Borrowdale volcanics and abundant local hematite started my interest in Geology, and led to an A level in the subject. The A level convinced me that this subject was going to be my passion, and ~10 years on nothing has changed!

Fields of Interest

High temperature geochemistry, isotope geochemistry, mantle geochemistry, Nickel, mantle recycling, petrology, mineral chemistry, lunar chemistry, meteorites, subduction zones, ocean islands, mid ocean ridges


Oxford University (2010-2014; 2014-2018)