Carol J Cotterill

Carol Cotterill is a Associate Researcher based at Lamont-Doherty earth Observatory, Columbia University. Her research concentrates on the impact of environmental processes, in particular Glacitectonics, on the geotechnical properties of soils with respect to offshore infrastructure (mainly monopile turbine installations). With a Ph.D from the University of Southampton, UK, she previously worked for the British Geological Survey, leading the offshore renewables team, prior to coming to Columbia and LDEO.

She is also a science communicator, working as the Assistant Director of Education and Outreach for the U. S. Science Support Program, part of the International Ocean Discovery Program. As such, her remit is to raise awareness of Earth Science, inspire and prepare students for future careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), and ensure that policymakers are aware of the strategic importance of the scientific research and economic benefits to the US economy.


BSc (Hons) in Oceanography with Geology

Ph.D in Neotectonics of the Offshore Gulf of Corinth

Masters in Science Communications and Public Engagement

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